Egg Freezing Allows Women’s Biology To Match The Way That They Live

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One of the biggest benefits of egg freezing? 

National Center for Health Statistics scientists reported that birth rates fell to “record levels” in 2016, especially for those under 30. The only exception was women over 30. Women 35-39 had birth rates 2% greater than the year prior, making this the highest age group since 1962. What does all this mean? What does this tell us? This is also confirmed by another trend that the CDC observed: The maternal year at first birth keeps growing, reaching its highest ever level in the 2014 Fertility clinic.

The downside is our biology hasn’t caught up. The point at which many women begin their careers or get their education is when we hit “peak fertility.” By age 35, our chances are lower than 15% of us getting pregnant naturally. Egg freezing is a great way to freeze eggs. Women can use their eggs to get pregnant later. This gives them the ability to align their fertility timelines with what they are living.

It is possible to freeze eggs to lower “fertility anxiety”

One of the greatest benefits of egg freezing is the feeling they get afterward. Due to our biology not following our preferred timeline, some women feel “fertility anxieties”–the feeling of having a declining fertility rate, but are not at the right place to have babies right now.

Egg freezing may give you more time to find your perfect partner

Egg Freezing Offers One Incredible Benefit: A Better Dating Life.

Research has shown that the majority (60%) of women who have frozen their eggs do so because they do not know if they will be able to find a partner. Because of fertility anxiety, egg freezing might be a great option for single women.

Egg freezing can help preserve eggs and protect them from illness or before any invasive medical treatments.

This is one reason egg freezing can be beneficial for women with cancer, endometriosis (or other illnesses that could affect their eggs and reproductive systems), or any other illness.

Because some cancer treatments can affect fertility, egg freezing has been developed to preserve the fertility of women who have had their fertility removed. The eggs in a woman’s ovaries can be damaged or destroyed by radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments. The operation to remove tumors (or ovaries), uterus or Fallopian tubs can also make it harder or impossible for women to conceive naturally. In addition, pelvic surgery can cause scarring and damage to the reproductive system.

Endometriosis can also enjoy the many benefits of egg freezing. Endometriosis is a condition that causes scar tissue to develop in the reproductive tract. This scar tissue can prevent fertility and cause egg quality problems. There are many options available to alleviate symptoms such as endometriosis. These include surgery that may affect the ovaries or reduce the ovarian reserves (the number of remaining eggs in the egg ovary).

One of the main benefits of egg freeze is that the procedure can be performed before any cancer treatment or at an early stage of endometriosis progression. It gives women the chance to start a new family and offers more options for the future.

Egg freezing is a great way to preserve eggs for future use.

No matter the reason you are considering it, the advantages of egg freezing for all women are the same. Frozen eggs preserve their youth, and help to ensure a healthy pregnancy, and a Fertility clinic helps to freeze eggs.

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