Elijah Norton: How Company Values Drive Business Success

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Elijah Norton, the founder, and CEO of Veritas Global Protection, a highly renowned and respected outfit in the vehicle protection plan industry, reveals that a company stands on the strength of its core values. 

In a recent interview, Norton mentioned that strong company values form the keystone for all businesses to achieve success and sustain their growth and stay competitive in their respective niches. 

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection: the Core Company Values

The core values that keep Veritas Global Protection together and help it grow include transparency, innovation; responsiveness; commitment to stability and sustainability, listening to others; global thinking, and last but not least, excellent service all across the board. 

Every team member of the company, from the receptionist right up to the founder and CEO, Elijah Norton, is expected to adhere to these values and manage their everyday operations within the company by following them. 

In addition, Veritas Global Protection makes it a point to partner only with vendors who believe in and commit to these same sets of values. So, let’s briefly look at what each of these values entails.


According to Elijah Norton, Veritas Global Protection takes pride in its practice of transparency, honesty, and truthfulness. 

As the informed parties know, the auto repair and service industry is passing through a difficult time and has been for a while. With the escalating prices of auto repair, spare parts, and so on, providing excellent service and protection plans at reasonable rates is becoming more challenging every passing day. 

Hence, it has become more important in these trying times for companies to be transparent in all their operations and be truthful and upfront about every aspect of their business. This is what Veritas makes sure that it does. 

Whether they deal with direct customers, agents, dealers, or insurers, Veritas Global Protection will always reveal the whole truth, even if it is complicated. 


In the interview mentioned above, Norton revealed that innovation had been the key to the company’s success from its inception in 2011 to this day. 

Elijah Norton mentions that in the fast-evolving and extremely competitive vehicle service industry, no company can afford to sit easily with the status quo. 

Instead, constant innovation, refinement, growth, and positive changes within the organization are the way to go forward. And this pertains to all areas of the business—refining one’s processes, making better product offerings, improving relationships with insurers and partners, and so on. 

This strive for innovation had helped the company grow from a two-employee venture in 2011 to becoming an industry leader in the U.S. market in a mere eight years (when it was already generating over $50,000,000/year in annual revenue). 


Responsiveness is another standout feature of the company. The latter’s commitment to its partners means that it responds to concerns quickly. Veritas Global Protection is committed to providing answers to a query at the fastest time possible.

Listening to Others

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Listening to each suggestion offered by its partners and taking them carefully under consideration is another unique approach that the company believes has fueled its unparalleled growth—and will continue to do so in the future. 

This is because those ideas and suggestions come from people who work in the various niches related to the vehicle protection plan industry every day. 

Accordingly, turning a deaf ear to those ideas can only be to the detriment of a company.   

Stability and Sustainability

Another of Veritas’ core values (which falls neatly with the others) is its commitment to come up with stable, sustainable, and actuarially sound products.

In other words, while Veritas is always looking to come up with better products and solutions for its partners and insurers, it also makes sure that the latter is never hitched with a program or product that is unstable or unsustainable and which can thereby hurt their reputation.  

Thinking Global

From around 2019, Veritas has begun its expansion efforts outside the U.S., believing that, as part of a global society, it will have more opportunities to learn, innovate, and grow once it starts offering its services in many diverse places across the globe. 

Instead of focusing solely on growing its domestic market share, Veritas Global Protection has extended its operations to Canada, Central America, and lately (in partnership with WAGAS, Veritas’ European partner) in South America. 


In addition to its commitment to fast response, another core thing that sets Veritas Global Protection apart from its competition is its excellent service across all areas of its operations.

So, be it a fast response to claims and other queries by its client support team or how the company executives deal with their partners to always arrive at mutually happy and convenient solutions, excellent service can be the cornerstone of the company. 

Elijah Norton’s Thoughtful Advice to All Business Entrepreneurs

Just as Elijah Norton has crafted the above values for his own company and made them the fulcrum around which the company operates and grows, his advice to all entrepreneurs and business owners is to create their own sets of values depending on the nature and requirements of their particular niches. 

When Norton started in the auto service industry, he saw the latter as lacking innovative solutions and exemplary service to its clients/customers. 

Accordingly, his mission was to offer his customers and clients peace of mind worldwide. And all his efforts to this day and the values he has set for his company have been geared to this sole mission. 

Therefore, reading this article, Elijah Norton’s ideas should inspire many other business owners and entrepreneurs to do the same.

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