Essential Things to Know before you travel to Rishikesh for River Rafting

Popularly known as the world’s yoga capital, Rishikesh is a famous tourist spot and a well-known adventure destination. Rishikesh offers numerous adventures, namely bungee jumping, river rafting, paragliding, ziplining, camping, etc. Among all adventures, river rafting is the most loved by adventure seekers. Here are the things to keep in mind when you travel to Rishikesh for River Rafting.

Rishikesh for River Rafting


Best Time to Visit

If you’re planning to visit Rishikesh for river rafting, an ideal time would be March to June. During these months, the weather is hot, and river water is cold, it is likely an excellent combination for you to enjoy river rafting. Also, do not plan during winters, as the water gets freezing and is not suitable for rafting. In the monsoon, during July & August, rafting is closed.


Types of Rafting in Rishikesh stretches:

Rafting in Rishikesh operates in four different routes. Every route has its popularity and significance. Below are the details.

  1. Shivpuri to Rishikesh: It is the most popular rafting route in Rishikesh. The floating distance is 16 km long and takes about two and a half hours to complete. The difficulty is of average level and suitable for the age group of 18-55 years old.
  2. Brahmapuri to Rishikesh –  This rafting stretch is easy, perfect for kids 14-18 years. The starting point is Brahmapuri, situated 9 km from Rishikesh. The stretch can be completed in one and a half hours.
  3. Marine Drive to Rishikesh – It is an advanced course for rafting in Rishikesh. The stretch is suitable for people who have some experience in rafting at different locations. Marine drive to Rishikesh is a 26 km long stretch and requires 4-5 hours to finish.
  4. Kaudiyala to Rishikesh – This stretch starts from Kaudiyala and is 35 km long. It is the most challenging and longest rafting course in Rishikesh. Then after this people, adventurers go for rafting expeditions. It takes about 7 hours to complete.


Check out this detailed blog for more info on Rishikesh rafting plans.


Choose rafting operator wisely:

To have a safe rafting experience, it is recommended to choose your river rafting operator wisely. Few things you can check are his firm licensed by Uttarakhand govt, years of experience rafting guide has, reviews on the Internet, and then decide to book. Unfortunately, these days many rafting operators are operating without any licenses and proper documentation.


Always follow your guide’s instructions:

When on a rafting trip, always follow what your guide says. As he is the only person to have the required expertise, please don’t take any of his advice lightly.


Accommodation at Rishikesh:

There are plenty of accommodation options in Rishikesh. From luxury hotels to boutique resorts, stays here are equipped with modern facilities for travelers’ comfort. But if you aim to experience adventure, then I suggest going camping in Rishikesh. It is an offbeat experience blended with adventure. Camping will connect you with nature, and you’ll have a wonderful riverside experience.


Don’t litter or drink Alcohol near River Ganga.

The Ganga is a holy river, and there are many incidents where people are lighting up a cigarette or hookah near river Ganga beach. It is a punishable offense to drink alcohol or light a cigarette near the Ganga river. So you’re requested to keep river Ganga clean.


Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan.

When you’re in Rishikesh, you should go for Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan. And hear the melodious chants of priests as they perform Gangaa Aarti. People from all over the world participate in this renowned Aarti when they visit Rishikesh.


What are the Adventures to Indulge In Rishikesh?

Apart from River Rafting in Rishikesh, you can enjoy Bungee Jumping, Paramotoring, hot-air ballooning, Ziplining over the Ganges, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Reverse bungee jumping, Rope course in Rishikesh.

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