Everything You Need To Know About Corflute Signs


Corflute signage is a low-cost and efficient method to advertise your company. Corflute signs are an excellent choice for temporary signs. But they can even last for a long time if properly maintained!

Corflute signboards are amongst the most inexpensive advertising solutions for your business, products, and services you offer. They are particularly ideal for local shops where each buck matters. You might have most likely driven around your area and seen these without ever even noticing them.

Now, what precisely are these, plus what makes them ideal for marketing your business? Read all that you are required to learn regarding Corflute signage right here in this blog by Price Screen & Digital.

What are Corflute Sign Boards?

Corflute, or perforated polypropylene, seems to be a plastic polymer. You must have probably already seen them used in marketing initiatives, including political campaigns, or for realtor businesses to promote residences for sale. 

Since Corflute signs are so light and sturdy, they can be easily printed with vibrant colors. It makes your characters pop from a distance without worrying about the quality of print or color fading. On the other hand, Signboards made of paper material are more susceptible to damage under severe weather and sunlight.

As they are lightweight compared to conventional signboards, you would not need enormous long poles for hoisting your signboards. It cuts your marketing expenses while making your marketing initiatives appear more sophisticated!

Why Should You Choose Corflute Signs?

  1. Cost-effective:

Corflute ought to be your favorite choice whenever you need inexpensive signs. It is pretty affordable than alternative signboard materials such as color-bond or metal sheets.

  1. Incredibly lightweight and portable

Since Corflute is so incredibly light, it becomes an excellent pick for easily portable. You can easily carry them or put them in your car trunk, and you’re ready to run!

  1. Effortless Installation and Maintenance

Corflute boards are light and quick to mount. Whether you choose to use hooks, fasteners, bolts, tape, or cords to secure them, your display boards will be prepared in no time!

  1. Extremely versatile

These boards are extremely customizable. You can create everything from little to the scale countertop signage to gigantic, sizable prints! You can also create 3-D signboards of any form or size. 

  1. Exceptionally Long-Lasting

Since Corflute is made of plastic polymers, they keep your designs looking great for a prolonged period. Even during the harsh summer months of Australia, the sunlight will not harm this sign board material. Corflute signs are also resistant to moisture and almost unlikely to be damaged by hand.

Would You Like To Design Customized Corflute Signs For Your Company?

To learn more about Corflute and how you can use them, visit Price Screen & Digital. You can consult us to get the best quotation for your signage needs. 

We will help you develop the appropriate signboard choice to match your business needs. We design your signboards based on your existing company logo design that goes perfectly with your marketing initiative. To gain information on Corflute signs, feel free to call us anytime!

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