Experience an Adrenaline Rush by Playing Different Escape Room Games



If you are fond of adventure games wherein you need to solve clues and escape from situations, then you might love escape room puzzles.

Escape Room Games Act as Ice Breakers

Many corporates also incorporate these into their team building activities. These games not only challenge your mind, but also boost the team spirit and keep you motivated.

If your company is located in Columbus and you have been assigned the task of team-building activity on a budget, then you can check out the Captivating Worlds, headquartered in New Albany, OH. They have some of the best escape room in Columbus wherein employees can use test their skills and solve mind-boggling puzzles.

Most of the escape games here will have special effects, making it a real experience. You can even ask them for modifications well in advance so that they can accommodate your requirements.

Escape room games also help you feel elated after solving puzzles. It helps build rapport and trust amongst team members. In such games, you need to think logically, mentally and, physically too. This requires each member of your team to participate including the introverts.

This also gives companies a chance to evaluate every employee’s strength which can be used as leverage to make the business more efficient. It can also help improve the problem-solving skills of the employees.

Different Types of Escape Room Games

One of the greatest things about escape room games is that there are plenty of games for all ages. If you are in doubt about which games would be the best for your company then you might need to understand the different categories available:

  • Scavenger Hunt Games
  • Red Herring Games
  • Linear and Non-Linear Games
  • Written Games
  • Physical Games
  • Sensory Games

Scavenger hunt games involve you finding hidden objects, and important clues, or solving puzzles that can help you escape from the room. These are best suited for beginners to get a hang of escape room puzzles

Red herring games can test your patience levels. In such games, you can get easily distracted by other objects, which might not be part of the main agenda. These types of games often have misleading clues that can make you take the wrong decision.

Linear and non-linear games are pretty straightforward. In linear games, you need to solve clues to go to the next level. It has a steady storyline and each clue is the key to progress in the story. These are perfect for beginners or small groups who are on a limited time.

Non-linear games, on the other hand, need you to solve multiple puzzles at the same time. It consists of small clues, that when solved reveal the biggest clue to escape.

Written escape games involve you solving combination codes or decoding text messages. Physical games require you and your team to move objects or solve puzzles. Sensory games make use of your senses to draw out hints such as blinking lights, random songs, etc.


Escape room games are available in many genres, so you can never get bored of them. This is a great tool to boost your mental strength and improve your focus.

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