Five Best Accounting Softwares In India

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There are many business accounting softwares options available today that can help you prepare balance sheets and accounts for your small business. We will highlight some of the most popular accounting software in India.

Best Accounting Software In India

These are the top accounting softwares in India and are therefore considered the best for small businesses:

  1. Tally
  2. Busy
  3. Marg
  4. Quickbooks
  5. Zoho Books

These softwares may not appear in the order they are listed, but they are those that are most widely used in India. These softwares are designed to simplify accounting for small businesses.

Medium and large enterprises prefer customised software. These generalized accounting softwares are not customizable. Medium and large enterprises prefer ERP (Enterprise Resource Program), which can be customized to meet their individual needs. Small businesses often choose to not implement ERP because of the high cost.

Here’s a quick overview of the top accounting softwares for small businesses in India:

1. Tally

Tally has more than 75% market share, and 2 billion users, making it the best accounting software for small businesses in India. Tally is so beloved by accountants, that when they are asked about accounting software, the first thing that pops into their minds is Tally.

This software has been used by accountants for decades. They have developed a preference for tally because it is easy to use. Its widespread acceptance and ease-of-use are the key factors behind its rapid growth.

Accounting professionals have used this software for years to prepare the Balance Sheets. They don’t want to switch to another software, but rather update Tally to the latest version.

2. Busy

Busy was created in 1997 and is known for its inventory management Software capabilities. Busy’s detailed inventory reports help businesses keep track of stock and have attracted many distributors and stockists to Tally.

3. Marg

Marg was founded in 1992 and has established a reputation in the market for providing customised solutions to each industry. It has developed different accounting softwares for different industries, including the Pharmaceutical Industry, Trading Industry and Retail Industry.

Marg Accounting is well-known for its software for the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Quickbooks India

Quickbooks is a leading accounting software in the US and other nations. It launched the Indian version of Quickbooks a few years ago. Because each country has its own accounting and tax laws, it is necessary to have different software. Therefore, software must be customized for each country.

Quickbooks is very popular among those accountants who used quickbooks in another country but now prefer quickbooks in India. Quickbooks launched an Indian version of its renowned accounting software to cater for this group of people.

Quickbooks recently partnered with banks to allow the download of Bank Statements via the Quickbooks accounting software. There is no need to manually enter the details.

Although there are more than 100 accounting programs in India, the softwares listed above is the most popular and is therefore considered the best for small businesses in India.

5. Zoho Books

Zoho Books Accounting Software is the latest addition to the accounting softwares market. It’s a cloud-based accounting software that can be accessed from any device via the Internet.

This accounting software does not save data on your device. Instead, it is stored over the cloud so that you can access them from any location. The data is safe from system errors and crashes because it is not stored on your device.

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