Five Must-Do Activities In Malta


What do I need to travel to malta*? Although Malta is small, its location makes it an ideal spot for history and adventure buffs. You can easily explore this archipelago’s hidden corners, find charming cafes along winding streets, explore rocky caves filled with marine life, and wander through ancient stone temples. These five amazing experiences will help you have the perfect Maltese vacation.

Stroll Historic Streets

The historic city of Valletta was once a peaceful place. Visitors can stroll along the streets of stone, stop by one of the many shops, and look into St. John’s Co-Cathedral. It is now the centre of culture, art and dining in Malta. Evenings are filled with hip cafes and restaurants, where diners can enjoy the bustling nightlife.

A short boat ride from Valletta across to the Grand Harbour allows travellers to wander through the streets of Malta’s Three Cities –Vittoriosa and Senglea. The streets are lined with traditional door knockers, window planters with greenery and colourful entryways, making them a great place to stroll in the afternoon.

Explore Ancient Roins

The entire capital, Valletta, has been designated a protected cultural place by the organization. Because it is strategically situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has seen many empires and nations occupy it over the centuries. The city suffered some damage in World War II, but the monuments and surrounding areas are mostly intact.

Looking deeper into Malta’s history, seven Megalithic temples are located throughout Gozo and the main islands. Many temples have access to the outside, where visitors can look through the holes in large stone slabs and examine the intricate engravings on the walls.

Island Hop

Although only three of the largest islands in the Maltese archipelago can be inhabited, there is still plenty to see and do. It’s very easy to travel between Malta, Gozo and Camino, islands where approximately 417,000 people live.

The ferry takes 25 minutes and departs each port approximately every half an hour. It’s worth the simple trip to the main island. Visitors can see the Windows before they collapse, attend an opera at Ir Rabats’ two opera houses, and ride along the growing coastline cycling routes.

It’s easy for travellers to take a local ferry or rent a boat with a driver to cruise to this popular cove. Visitors and locals alike can hop on boats to visit the Blue Lagoon when the weather is warm.

The unique scenery, historical architecture and beautiful weather make Malta a favourite destination for Hollywood producers and directors.

Popeye’s Village is now a popular tourist destination. It was once home to Robin William’s musical comedy Popeye. The resort still offers a chance to wander through the same buildings used for filming. You can interact with Popeye characters and jump into the bay’s warm waters.

It would be almost criminal to visit Malta and not dip a toe into the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can swim in the Mediterranean Sea during spring, summer and fall, even though most people only swim in the summer months.

Although many of Malta’s coastlines are rugged, visitors love to sunbathe on the warm stones and then jump into the turquoise water. On Camino, swimmers jump from the short jagged cliffs into stunning Blue Lagoon while others swing over the edge of rocky arches.

Visitors who wish to see beneath the water’s surface have plenty to enjoy in Malta. Scuba divers can explore the Blue Hole on Gozo. The limestone terrain on the coast hides a small cave that divers can explore.

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