Five Ways to Encourage Your Child to Use Technology

wellness apps specifically designed for children

wellness apps specifically designed for children

If your child loves technology, it can be hard to believe there are kids out there who have an aversion to it. However, some children do need encouragement. These are ways you can make technology more appealing if your child is reluctant to engage with computing wellness apps specifically designed for children.


Gaming is a popular pastime for all ages, especially children. Find a game that your child enjoys, and you’ll have them hooked on technology! Build on their interests by showing them games featuring their favorite characters or related to their hobbies (e.g., if they like building, consider Minecraft). Whether they play on a games console, a laptop, or a tablet, they will be developing skills that will benefit their learning. If your child enjoys being outside a game like Pokémon Go is a fun way to get them engaged.

Child-specific Accessories

With many devices being targeted at adults, your child might be finding it difficult to take control which can be a cause of frustration. Little hands can benefit from tablets designed especially for children and a fear of breaking delicate tech can stifle a child’s enthusiasm so invest in a tablet case to reduce the risk. Multi-sensory accessories can also add appeal, with light-up headsets adding an element of excitement for children. Get a kids keyboard to make the family computer more accessible to the younger members of the household and ask your child what would make them more likely to use technology. It could be a simple fix.


Technology is a broad category so look beyond tablets and laptops. Show your child how to use a cell phone, a camera, a Bluetooth speaker… anything they take an interest in. Technology is all around, so there are bound to be gadgets that appeal to them. Electronic toys such as drones, remote control cars, and karaoke machines can all help your child develop confidence when it comes to using technology, as can fitness watches, so don’t limit them to just tablets and laptops.

Get Appy

If your child has an interest away from technology, encourage them to develop their skills with an online tracker app. There are many wellness apps specifically designed for children which offer online rewards so these are a great way to target set. Whether you use an app to track the number of steps your child takes each day or to check off when they have done their chores, using an app to monitor an activity away from technology can be a great way to nurture interest and help develop skills.

Have Fun

Whatever you do, make technology fun! If they associate computing with school, make the technology you use at home fun by playing games on the Wii. Find ways to make it relevant to their interests – if they enjoy baking, search for recipes online, if they like dancing, make a TikTok account where you can dance together. Children learn when they are engaged, so appeal to their interests and you’re halfway there.

Good luck!

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