Gay Marriage Law Guide – What to Know About the Available Benefits

Gay marriage is a term that is used to define the matrimonial bond between two people belonging to the same sex. Gone are the times when the thought of the romantic relationship between two people of the same sex was frowned upon, and with the development of the open-mindedness of people, they are supporting and also welcoming people, who fall in love with the same sex. However, just like regular marriage, gay couples will also go through a failed relationship and get a divorce after some years.

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Legal Benefits Associated with Same-Sex Marriages 

The spouses from same-sex marriage will get the same legal benefits as the marriages that happen between heterosexual couples. Some such benefits include –

  • Property rights

Everything that your spouse has acquired or owns belongs to the other spouse also after the marriage, just like in a normal marriage. Hence, during the divorce, if and when it occurs, you have equal ownership of them.

  • Parenting rights 

The spouses in a same-sex marriage may either birth a child or adopt or even think about surrogacy. No matter what their choice is, they both are equally responsible for the child’s growth and fulfillment of the needs, and hence it will belong to both the parents.

  • Divorce Rights 

The same benefits that the heterosexual couples will enjoy in their marriage will be provided to the couples involved in same-sex marriages. The marriage requires following all the legal procedures for its dissolution just like that of heterosexual marriage, once the marriage is legalized in the particular court of a state.

  • Coverage of the insurance 

Even though you are a same-sex couple, you will be entitled to all the health benefits that are available from medical insurance that is available for one spouse. The same goes for other insurances such as life insurance, auto insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.

  • Tax benefits 

The tax benefits that are available for heterosexual couples when they file for it every year will also be provided for couples of the same sexes. They can even file for tax benefits together as joint filers.

  • Rights to inheritance 

Some of the accidents may result in taking one of the spouses away from the other. During such cases, the surviving spouse is entitled to inherit everything that was under the ownership of the spouse that passed away. This is a strict rule that will not change even when there is no legally binding will.

  • Medical privilege 

When it comes to testifying for any crime against the spouse in a same-sex marriage, the other spouse can invoke their marital privilege and refuse for testifying against their spouse.

Many such benefits are available for the spouses from same-sex marriage, like heterosexual marriages. Hence, it is proven that homosexual marriages are nothing different from heterosexual marriages when it comes to benefits and privileges.

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