Getting Full Body Exercise When You Have No Time

Full Body Exercise

Full body exercise is a matter of time and precision. It takes you waking up at least two hours before you have to leave for work. You have to find the right exercise which is good for your body and stop making excuses.

However, sometimes we are not really making an excuse. The time crunch is a real issue for our lifestyle. Maybe we are cramped under academic pressure or work, and sometimes even both.

However, exercise is an important part of our lives, and we cannot simply dispose of the idea because of the time crunch. They not only keep us fit physically, but we need the chemical release that comes from exercising. 

Find The Root Cause

Before we get into the solution, let us understand the root cause of this happening. Is it forever? Or do you need a temporary fix before we get into a fully scheduled exercise routine?

1. Is It Really Time

Ask yourself this question one last time before you proceed with this article. Is it just an excuse for you not to get up from your bed because even crunches on your bed will include you lifting your head? If it is just a random excuse to get your exercise done quickly, then remember exercising will take determination, even if it is just for 20 minutes.

2. Do You Just Need To Lose Some Weight

Is your ultimate goal simply losing weight, or are you planning to get into muscle training? Understand that getting your muscles toned and building lean muscle will at least take a minimum of 1 hour of training every day. So, if that is your goal, this wouldn’t be much of a help to you.

On the other hand, if the goal is to lose weight, then you can do that within a short time. We will be elaborating on them further below.

3. Is It An Injury

If you have just endured an injury, and your body is now recovered, but you want to continue with your workout, then time is not the issue here. The kind of exercise is what you have to change. We will give you exercise methods that are safe and wouldn’t consume too much of your time and energy.  

How To Get Quick Workout

Coming to the portion of the article you have been waiting for, here is how you can get your daily dose of fitness without having to spend hours.

Try Cardio

Cardio is probably the easiest exercise you can get done within a span of thirty minutes. It is not only a full-body workout but also excellent for someone trying to lose weight. The key to getting the most done is never to stick to one cardio. If you have thirty minutes, you can get thirty cardio done.

Plus, you do not have to take away time to get cardio done. You can simply take the stairs to your fifth-floor office every day rather than the elevator, and that is cardio. 

– Running.

– Skipping.

– Cycling.


Electric Muscle Stimulation, or EMS workout, is the newest addition to fitness and physical health, and some say it is the future of muscle training. This is probably because EMS is the fastest way to get your full body physical exercise done.

 It is an electric stimulation machine that can work on your entire body without you having to sweat too much. This is especially beneficial for someone who is currently going through some physical ailment and cannot give time to a full-body hourly workout.

– Pregnant woman.

– Injured athletes.

– Recovery during surgery

These are the few who can benefit the most from EMS training. Workout in 20 minutes!

Twenty Minutes Are Enough!

Yes, you read it correctly. EMS training is designed in such a way that a 20 minutes workout is equivalent to two hours of workout in the gym. The reason is simple, with EMS training, almost 95% of your body muscles get stimulated.

When we say 95% of your body muscles get stimulated, even a small movement in your body becomes an exercise. 

So what are you waiting for? If time is something you don’t have to invest in for your fitness goal, EMS training is just the right thing for you.

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