GROOVY BOT DISCORD’S. So what would you like to recommend music to people if you had a server? But this is too typical because everyone is listening at their own rate. How about all of us listening together to something? Meet the funky bot of discord in this example.


What is Groovy exactly?

Groovy is one means of streaming and sharing music online with others using your Disk Server. It supports a bigger selection of music websites and a wider variety of commands in comparison with another bot. Groovy is easy to get started and you do not need to register. Additionally? This is absolutely free! It is completely free! Although it includes an option for premium features.

Why do I want Groovy to use it?

  • One of the most trustworthy Discord music bots available.
  • No registration is required.
  • Simple to use without delay
  • Includes a variety of functions including the option to change the output loudness of the bot.
  • Supports a range of audio effects, including a night core, bass boost, and vaporwave.

How can I incorporate Groovy?

Integrating Groovy bot in your Discord server is pretty straightforward. Just take the next steps.

  • To start, browse the webpage of the Groovy bot.
  • Click on the “Add to Discord” option on this page.
  • Give groovy access to your disagreement account afterward.
  • That’s all; you added Groovy to your Discord server successfully. Start to hear now!

What is and how can I use Groovy Bot?

  • The designers have also given instructions on how to use Groovy. You can use a Groovy Bot easier than you think. Let’s go through the steps for the time being:
  • You have to join a voice channel in order to start using Groovy.
  • Then instructed Groovy to play a song with the –play command.
  • The music bot joins your voice channel when you enter the command and start to play your selected song.

How to play Spotify music with Groovy Bot?

It is quite easy to use Spotify with Groovy; it is easy to stream music via Spotify over groovy thanks to its simple interface.

  • Start Spotify and navigate to the song that you want to play.
  • Next, click more, share, and copy the URL for the playlist.
  • Open the discord server and add the -play command-following URL.
  • Have a nice experience listening!

Groovy Commands List of Bot Commands.

Groovy is suitable for playing, pausing, rehearse, and switching a variety of activities. Just execute the following commands to get your music back in control:

  • Start playing music, or adds to the queue: -play [link or search query]
  • Play the attached file: -play the file
  • To make the bot join: -join
  • Displays the queue: -queue
  • Skip to next song: -next
  • Skip back: -back
  • Removes all tracks from the queue: -clear
  • Skips to the specified track: -jump [track position or title]
  • Displays lyrics for the playing track: -lyrics
  • Pause playback: -pause
  • Resumes playback: -resume
  • Removes the specified track from the queue: -remove [track position or title]
  • Disconnects the bot from your voice channel and clears the queue: -disconnect
  • Randomizes the tracks in the queue: -shuffle
  • Displays info about the specified track in the queue: -song [song]


Our Discord Groovy Music Bot is concluded here. It is one of the best places for music lovers and may also help to involve a community. Why not listen to it together, because the music is universally adored?

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