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Hair Colours amp up your look and make your tresses extremely gorgeous. Be it an event or a regular day, you can rock any look with the best hair shades. There are a lot of shades for you to choose from. But everyone seems to be confused while selecting hair colours. This confusion arises because we don’t know our skin tone or undertone. Well, if you wish to know your skin tone, you can take up the jewellery test.

In this test, you have to try gold and silver jewellery. If gold suits your skin, you have a warm skin tone. And if silver jewellery suits you, then you have a cool skin tone. If both the jewellery pieces look good, you have a neutral skin tone. People who have a neutral skin tone can try any hair colour they wish to! Once you know your skin tone, colour selection is narrowed down to some shades only. For instance, brown tones for warm skin tone and red/ purple tones for cool skin tone.

But today we are going to discuss a shade that looks good with every skin tone. Blonde is a versatile shade that enhances the complexion and eye colour. The delicious hues provided by this shade give your hair a treat. Platinum and golden blonde are some of the best shades that make your hair look like jewellery. These shades represent that your hair is your precious accessory that must be taken care of and styled effectively. Many shades come under blonde hair colours like caramel, champagne, strawberry blonde, etc. Now that you know how to select the shades, let us look at the best blonde hair colours for you.


Blonde Hair Shades – Our Top Recommendations

Blonde is a shade of brown that suits every skin tone. It elevates your look and enhances your complexion. Blonde is a warm shade that blends effortlessly with your natural hair shade. Below are the best blonde shades that can make your tresses look gorgeous and help you slay any look.

  1. Buttery Blonde Hair Shade

Buttery Blonde is an inviting shade of blonde that gives your hair a sun-kissed look. The shade is very dimensional and makes your tresses look attractive. With this hair colour, you are bound to turn heads and make everyone go in awe with your looks. Just think about the ocean waves and the setting sun. This is the shade that you will get. Sounds amazing! Isn’t it? Give your hair a blissful shade of sun with this amazing hair colour. Try it out! 

Pearl Blonde Hair Shade

Healthy and natural-looking shade is the desire of every girl. Our natural hair tends to become dull after some time. Thus, to add dimension and lustre to them, hair colours are essential. Pearl blonde is a natural hair shade for girls who wish to brighten up their looks. This shade is for girls who have naturally light hair. This is a sophisticated hair look that doesn’t look over the top. This shade gives a stunning look to your locks. You can go with a global hair shade or highlights. Try out this shade now!

 Brown Blonde Hair Shade

Today there are a lot of hair ideas and trends that look amazing with every skin tone. Brown blonde done with a balayage hair colouring technique gives a new look to your basic haircut and styles. This shade gives a ribbon style to your hair and makes them look gorgeous. This hair shade looks amazing with both short and long hair. While leaving your hair, this shade gives an alluring shade to your hair. Try out this amazing shade to give your locks the dimension they deserve!

Blonde Layers

Ladies who have natural black shade, listen up! Highlights were a trend and will remain a trend for the years to come! Blonde hair colour looks amazing when it is in a highlighted form. They blend with your natural hair so seamlessly that they look like your actual hair. The streaks compliment your skin tone and amp up your overall appearance. This hair colour looks best with an olive skin tone. You can go for streaks with two shades, i.e., light blonde and blonde. This will add dimension to your locks and even when it will wear off, the shade will remain in trend. Try the blonde layers in your hair and rock every hairstyle!

Caramel Blonde Hair Shade

This is one of the sweetest and warmest shades that one can go for! Blonde is a go-to shade for every woman and when this shade is mixed with caramel, it gives your locks the gorgeous looks that one can never forget! This shade looks amazing with blue/ green/ hazel eyes. With this hair colour, you can go for babylights. You can also add a touch of red shade to your locks to add to the complexity and uniqueness of the style. Get stunning tresses with this melting hair shade. Try it now!  

 Sandy Blonde Hair Shade

As the name suggests, this shade gives your hair the shade of sand. Think about Jennifer Anniston in FRIENDS! This is the shade that you will have! This hair colour is for cool skin tones. The beige hues in your hair enhance your facial features and give you an alluring look. You can elevate your look with this hair colour by further adding a bright lip shade and mascara. Try out the layered sandy blonde shade to stay in style! Get this hair shade done now!

Rosewood Blonde Hair Shade

A shade of red that gives you a sophisticated and gorgeous look! Yes! This shade is all about that. By looking at this hair colour, no one can tell whether it is a shade of brown, red, or blonde! This is one of the amazing hair shades that cannot be described in words. It can only be seen! This is a unique shade that makes your locks look like the sight of lightning, thereby making you feel special! This is one of our favourite shades that you must definitely try this season!

Icy Blonde Ombre Waves

The best shade for cool skin tones is here! Icy Blonde Ombre waves improve the overall texture of your hair. This hair colour has a darker shade at the roots and it becomes lighter as it comes down! It is a high-maintenance shade and if at all you wish to go with this shade, you need to visit the salon after every 4-6 weeks. The wavy texture of the hair creates diffused edges and depicts various nuances of colours. This shade looks good with medium-length hair to make them look healthy.

So, these are the top blonde hair shades and styles you can go with. Blonde is a versatile and sophisticated shade that enhances your looks entirely. This is a shade that never goes out of style. It remains in trend in all the seasons. You can add other shades with a blonde as well to create a vibrant hue in your locks. Also, if you wish to go for hair colouring, natural hair dyes like Godrej Expert Rich Crème must be used. This 100% natural hair dye is enriched with Vitamin E, Reetha, Amla, etc., that nourishes your hair and adds shine to them. It makes your hair look soft, shiny, and silky. Try out the blonde hair colours and styles mentioned above and give a boost to your dull, tired hair.        

Author: Siddhi Chothani

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