Here Are The Various Models Of Window AC

Located close to the equator, India has a hot and humid climate. To stay comfortable in the sweltering summer days, most of the Indians like to buy ACs. You can find window ACs in several Indian households. The best ACs cool your room and dehumidify the indoor air. 

A standard window AC has a range of smart features. However, based on the choice of the brand, you may find a difference in price and cooling technologies. For instance, technologies for Hitachi AC may be slightly different from the Voltas window AC.

Check the best window air conditioner models available for Indian households.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC 

One of the leading brands, Voltas, has released this highly efficient window AC. This 5100 W air conditioner includes a copper condenser to ensure better cooling. The dust filters and anti-bacterial filters will keep your room free from germs.

Two most important modes are- Eco Mode and Sleep Mode. The Eco Mode reduces the power consumption level and prevents costly electricity bills. The Sleep Mode automatically adjusts the temperature based on the weather condition. This feature helps in saving energy in the summer months. The most innovative feature is the self-diagnosis process, which detects any internal issue of your AC.

The window AC also comprises a dehumidifier to maintain the right level of humidity.

Daikin 1 Ton 3 Star Window Air Conditioner

When you have a tight budget, you can invest in this Daikin window AC. The rotary compressor of this AC model helps with large-scale cooling. It traps the air to cause compression. However, you have to measure your room size before buying this AC. This model is perfect for cooling a small room of about 90 square feet. 

The presence of a dust filter helps you in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. This AC consumes about 877 W of power. Make sure that you have an electric outlet of 230 V to operate this air conditioner.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC 

This Hitachi AC is different from conventional air conditioners due to the built-in technologies. The auto climate technology makes you feel comfortable throughout the year. The super-advanced AC detects your needs and maintains a proper environment. 

Hitachi has added a unique anti-bacterial filter, known as the Koukin filter. By preventing bacterial growth, the system ensures the optimal functioning of the cooling unit.

The airflow volume is about 450 CFM. The Penta sensor technology is available with this cooling system. On the hottest summer days, you can enjoy perfect cooling solutions. The Hitachi AC components will be safe with this technology.

Another option for you is the defrosting sensor, which promotes the defrosting mechanism. When the moisture in the surrounding air gets frozen, the sensor identifies it. The system starts managing the ice.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC 

Blue Star has designed a high-quality, low-noise air conditioner. The window AC has a durable design and performs at the optimal level. You can find a steady cooling solution from this air conditioner.  The inverter AC has a potential dehumidifier, which helps in removing the moisture. You can enjoy a high-speed compressor that helps with faster cooling. 

As it is a 5-star rated AC, you can save 25% of energy. It is best for a room of about 90 square feet. The highly efficient AC has an attractive white tone that matches your home décor. You can replace your old AC with this 1.5-Ton window air conditioner. 

Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC White 

The white energy-efficient Llyod AC is another reliable model. Like other branded ACs, this model has a rotary compressor. As it has a dehumidifier, it keeps the air free from humidity. The BEE rating ensures that the cooling unit will save energy. The remote controller is easy to use.

The Blue Fin coil has an anti-corrosive coating on it. The built-in air filter keeps your air free from dust. However, there is no anti-bacterial filter available with this AC. The LED display is easy to read.

The 4900 W cooling capacity ensures that this AC model is highly potent. Check out other technical details before buying this cooling unit.

These are some popular window AC models available for you. To purchase the right one, you have to focus on the room size and tonnage capacity of your AC. Moreover, energy star ratings are highly important for you. While some ACs have inverter technology, others have a non-inverter model. The best brands use eco-friendly refrigerants for their products.

Every brand adds some unique features to make the product different. You can compare those features to buy the right product. You can use your Bajaj EMI Network Card to make your deal. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is the best destination from where you can buy your electronics.

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