How Can You Cope with Exam Anxiety in High School Students?

Exam Anxiety

Have you ever had exam anxiety? Many students suffer from exam anxiety and are nervous about tests. Often the reason for this is that students do not feel properly prepared and need targeted learning support. The tutoring in Basel can support students in this. The fear of exams can also have other reasons, such as the wrong learning environment or excessive demands.

Test anxiety: what is it and how does it affect you?

Exam anxiety encompasses more than simply fear of failing an exam. In students who suffer from test anxiety, a little pre-exam worry can quickly escalate into strong sensations of fear, dread, and panic, negatively impacting their performance.

Anxiety over tests can impact students of all ages. Many children’s test anxiety begins to rise in Grades 2–4 and continues to rise as they move through middle and high school.

Evaluate the effects of anxiety on students

According to the American Test Anxieties Association, the most stressful parts of students’ lives are “schoolwork” and “exams.”

Exam anxiety is all too easy to ignore as a regular part of being a student. Test anxiety, on the other hand, may have a detrimental influence on children if it is not managed properly.

Exam anxiety can even cause students to slip a half-grade behind their peers. Text anxiety can impact a student’s mental health as well as their academic performance, leading to low self-esteem, confidence, and motivation.

Students with excellent results

Students who have high expectations of themselves or who are perfectionists are more likely to experience test anxiety. These children have a difficult time dealing with mistakes and put a great deal of pressure on themselves. This can easily overwhelm some students throughout the test, leading their thoughts to stop or go blank.

The student who are underprepared

Students who haven’t prepared sufficiently for a test are more likely to experience exam anxiety. It generally happens when students have left studies studying since long or just don’t understand the study content. This might lead to a lack of confidence when it comes time to take the test. Students are more likely to fail a test if they go into it intending to fail.

Disease-like symptoms may occur

Exam anxiety can have symptoms similar to illness and manifest itself as sweating, tremors, dizziness or stomach upsets. In addition to the physical symptoms, emotional symptoms such as self-doubt or difficulty concentrating can also occur. Many feel insecure and helpless and don’t know what to do next. But you are not alone with this fear and you can do something about it.

Measures against exam anxiety

If you have this fear, the first thing to do is to find out what is causing it. This is not always easy, but this is the only way to overcome this fear. The trigger could be a wrong or missing learning strategy, due to excessive pressure and excessive demands as well as failures in the past or concentration problems.

Exam Anxiety

Tutoring for students affected by anxiety

Most exam anxiety students have trouble preparing for exams and tests. Affected students can look for tuition in German or in English. The math tutoring as well as the preparation for the Matura examination in Basel or preparation for the entrance examination for the grammar school can also help to provide an overview of the learning material together so that a learning plan can be drawn up in good time.

Competent tutors at Lawmind

In addition, a positive learning environment can be created and the examination material can be practiced together with a learning partner. They prepare for the exam together and take the pressure off. In addition, tutors can help to get used to the exam situation and to manipulate the thoughts positively and subsequently to be able to cope with the exam anxiety together with the tutors.

General depressed mood

Most people understand that how hard it can be when switching off after had a bad day at office. The same goes for school. When a child is having a hard time, they can spend the evenings thinking about what happened during the day and counting down the minutes until they have to return tomorrow.

If you experience this behavior, make sure you are there to offer support – they need to know they can talk to you about anything.

Excuses before the school day

Does your child often feel bad on school days, but seems magically fine on the weekend? When a child is scared of school, they can claim to be suffering from a variety of ailments, such as headaches or upset stomach. This can be a truancy trick, but it can also be a manifestation of physical symptoms of anxiety.

It is important to get to the bottom of the matter as soon as possible, so it is best to start with a visit to your family doctor.

Exam Anxiety

A conversation with the teacher

While changes in behavior that you noticed in your child may not be enough for you to contact the teacher, the teacher may also have discovered signs that your child is having trouble. As you talk together, it may become clear that your child needs some support.

The right response

What parents can do if they feel like their kid might have some problems? Pick the right time to ask your child about the problem. Part of most parents’ pickup routine is asking their child how their day was.

If you want to get a clearer idea of ​​it, don’t approach the subject until your child is out of school. Bring it up during a family activity over a weekend and try to talk about it casually.

Get a tutor

We can’t help your child make friends, run the fastest in physical education, or tie their shoelaces, but we can help them succeed in class and have a little confidence in themselves.

Our tutors at Lawmind want nothing more than that your child gets the best grades and enjoys the lessons. If the problem is with poor school grades or a lack of self-confidence, we can create an individual plan for school success.

At Lawmind, you can find the right tutoring for your child from competent tutors and eliminate the fear of exams.

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