How do you create a PowerPoint Template?

Let’s talk about PowerPoint professional templates that can help you and your coworkers save a lot of time. You may already be using them. However, almost 70% of PowerPoint users don’t use them. If you’re one of these people, you will learn important information. We will teach you all you need to know about templates and walk you through the steps to creating your own. What is a template? And why should I use one?

  • A PowerPoint template is a type of pattern that has been predefined for a presentation. It provides a framework for the content and the design of your slides.
  • Elements like background, colors, titles, etc. These elements are pre-set.
  • The template can be saved separately so that you can reuse it for as many presentations or as you like.
  • All the slides and designs have been created so you can only add your text and photos. This saves you a lot of time.
  • Companies will love templates. You can create one template that matches your corporate design, and all employees can use it from now on. This will save you time and give your business a professional look.

Watch our video to learn how to make a template or follow the steps below.

Slide master

Slide Master is the best tool to create templates. It can be found by clicking View on the PowerPoint menu, and then click Slide Master.

You will see a few slides in the window to the left that don’t yet have a design. You will also see a slide that is slightly larger than the others and connects with them using dashed lines. This slide is your Slide Master. It’s your “main” slide. All the slides will be affected by what you do there. Try it by changing the background color of your Slide Master. You can also change the background color of all other slides.

More information about editing slide masters

The main slide is used to set all of our important elements. After we are satisfied with the layout, we can adjust each slide template. Here are some things that you can/should alter:

  • Colors: Visit Colors to choose from one of the predefined PowerPoint palettes or make your own.
  • Fonts Click fonts then Customize fonts to choose styles for titles and regular texts.
  • Background Be as creative or as minimalistic as you like. You can change the background color, add shapes or find a nice online image that matches your text. Right-click on the slide to open “Format Background”
  • Title You can easily change the size, style, and location of the title by simply editing it the way you normally would.
  • Text Style Repeat the process for regular text boxes. Define the format of bullet points.
  • Footer, You have the option to change the footer elements, replace them or modify them as regular text.

Use themes

Although themes and templates are often used in PowerPoint, they are different. A PowerPoint theme is a predefined set of colors, fonts, and effects. If you’re creating a template for your business, we recommend that you add a custom theme using the company’s colors and fonts. 

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