How do you wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo?


Are you applying your sulfate-free shampoo in the right way? Does it foam up properly giving you that perfect lather? What are the ways to increase its lathering capacity? To all these questions you will find the exact answers here. The Paraben & SLS Free shampoo are already popular for their milder yet effective cleansing agents. But their application is not properly known to many. A majority of the users complain about its lather and non foaming properties at times. They end up emptying their shampoo formula so soon than the ones who know the trick! 

These shampoos do not foam that much as compared to the ones with harsh chemicals, preservatives and surfactants like the sulfate compounds and parabens. So it is important to wet your hair and section out, into the crown and the back scalp and apply it from the back of your head. In two steps you may apply it on your head and massage it gently. Now know this in detail and realise the importance of water to give you that perfect lather. Do not finish off your shampoo bottle in search of the perfect foam and lather formation.

Steps to Apply the Sulfate-free Shampoos-

  • Wet your hair with tap water and take a quarter or a bit more if you have long and dense hair, of the paraben and SLS free shampoo on your palm. 
  • Now begin from the back of your head by applying it there and rub it upwards and sideways with your fingertips and palm combination.
  • Now take some more of the shampoo formula to apply to the front head or the crown of your head. Mind the hairline and try to spread it as much as possible.
  • If you think this is not enough then pour some water on your head and massage it in your head for 2-3 minutes till you get that lathery texture.

The addition of water is what makes the lather expand and cover the whole of the hair strands. There is another way to get the same results, you may apply the shampoo twice in case you are not satisfied with its cleansing and lather formation. Not more than this, you will certainly get the squeaky cleansed hair strands! 

Now sulfate free shampoos are not to be used daily if you have thin hair strands and a sensitive scalp. Make sure you chart out the days to shampoo your hair to let the hair ecosystem get the essential moisture level restored in the meanwhile. Daily shampooing is meant only for the excessively oily and sweat prone hair scalp combination. These shampoos are a lease of fresh breath for your hair as they rid them from the hair cosmetic or product buildup. Such as the layers of  hair sprays, oil secretions, pollutants and dirt sticking to them.

According to various studies you need to be patient when using the paraben and SLS free Shampoos. These take some time to adjust with your hair. You hair too needs at least 5-6 washes in a month to get compatible with the product. Make sure you do not rinse off the shampoo lather right after applying. Keep it on your head for at least 3-6 minutes before washing your hair with water. Everyday washing of hair is also harmful for they lose the essential oils and moisture content that keeps them from damaging under the influence of heat and other harsh conditions.


To connect with the goodness of cleansing and moisture supplements, make sure you have a good conditioner to work in tandem with the sulfate and paraben free shampoos. For effective moisture and nourishment of your hair, it is suggested to apply the conditioner at times when it feels rough and dry in texture. So ahead with the happy shampooing and conditioning for healthy, soft and shiny hair.

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