How Many Solar PaSolarnels Will You Need?


The number of solar panels that a typical home requires for a three-bedroom house, or a home with a square footage of 2000 square feet are normal concerns for a prospective solar homeowner.

To find out the number of solar panels that you will need for your own home, you will need to first figure out what your objectives are. There are several elements to consider when calculating the solar panel’s number, you will need to provide power to your home/business:

  • Your home energy usage
  • Your roof’s surface area
  • Your home’s roof orientation
  • Your geographic location.

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In order to calculate the solar panel numbers that you will need, you have to know the following:

  • Your average energy needs
  • Your present energy use in terms of watts
  • Your climate and also the sunlight present in your location
  • The solar panel’s efficiency that you are now considering
  • The solar panel’s physical size that you are considering

One very easy and simple way to get the answer to the question on the solar panel’s number is to consult any professional installer of solar panels, who can offer you a free evaluation of your solar panel meant for your premises.

Step-by-step guidelines to decide on solar panel needs

The following are the few steps to find out the answer to your question, “what solar system size do I need?”

  1. Measure your annual usage of kWh or your yearly consumption of electricity in your house. Better consult either your monthly electric bills to find the average. A typical American house consumption is 10,649 kWh a year.
  2. Calculate the wattage of your solar panel, which is the amount of electricity it produces under the ideal conditions. For the purpose of simplicity, 320 watts can be used as a rough approximation.
  3. Calculate the production ratio or the amount of electricity your panel generates on an average based on the sunlight it receives. You may figure this out by multiplying your system’s wattage by its annual electricity output. You can also use the average US estimated figure of 1.3 to 1.6.
  4. Enter the information into the formula: kWh usage divided by production ratio divided by wattage = Number of panels

As an example, assuming your house has a consumption of 12,800 kWh with a 1.6 as production with 320-watt panels, then you will require:

12,800 kWh divided by 1.6 and again divided by 320, which is 25 total panels.

Some homeowners might wonder how many square feet will I need for the solar panel. To answer this question, you must first understand that the average household solar panel measures approximately 17.5 feet in length. Then, using the techniques we just went over, increase this value by the number of panels you will need.

As a result, consumption of 12,800 kWh will require 437.5 square feet area of solar panels in our scenario (25 panels multiplied by 17.5 feet).

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