How to choose the perfect rug for your office or home

Decorative and simple rugs can be a good addition to your office. They provide a warm, comfortable, and practical feel to the office. They can be used to add an artistic touch to the office. Choosing an office rug is different from that of the home rug. The following tips guide you on how to go about this process.

Tips to consider when choosing office rugs

Choose one that fits your office furniture

If you are out shopping for office rugs, you should consider one that should fit around your chairs and desk. The rug should be extended at all sides as much as it can be. This helps you maintain a productive office ambience. Choosing a bigger rug is important as it helps to dampen sound to create a quiet work environment.

Choose a hand-tufted or knotted rug

There are various types of rugs in the market that have different qualities. Rugs made from machines and handlooms are susceptible to the abrasive forces of heavy footfall and repetitive furniture movements. You will be needing a stronger and robust rug. Wool-made hand-knotted mats and rugs are very durable. They can withstand all the troubles of a typical office rug and remain intact. If you need a budget option, you can opt for the hand-tufted rugs. While they are less robust than the hand-knotted option, they are produced with quality rug materials that will ensure years of use without wear.

Consider branding your rugs

Whether you are buying a rug for your entrance, your hallway, or your office, never ignore the power of a branded rug. Custom rugs with logos are usually more potent and functional than ordinary rugs. Apart from providing the functional benefits of the typical rug, custom rugs with logos help to market and promote your business. Businesses that have tried branded rugs have reported an increase in customer engagement and revenue. Never underestimate the power of a customised office rug.

Choose a rug to match your style

Except you have specific business requirements for your office rug, you should choose one that suits your style. The rug should make your office space a personal and functional working space. You can get area rugs to help you set the right mood. It will also help you concentrate properly as you settle down to work. You should select the right design or pattern that makes you want to work. You should choose a complementary hue or shade to provide the right professional ambience.

Check the texture

You want to get a durable rug that needs minimal maintenance. You should choose a low-pile mat or rug because it can be a lot less messy than a thicker rug. This type of rug comes with minimal density and thickness. People prefer low-pile mats or rugs in their offices because they come with a flattened surface. This flat surface feature makes it possible for you to vacuum the rug for effortless maintenance. An office is strictly a place of work and not the home. You do not want to disrupt an entire working day just because you have to take out the rug and clean it. For this reason, the low-pile rug is usually preferable.


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