How to Choose Trendy Tote Bags for Your upcoming Event?

If you are a true bag lover, totes will have a special place in your wardrobe. These large-sized bags are the best choice when you step out to buy groceries or go shopping. You can find a wide range of these versatile bags in your local markets or online shopping sites. Custom tote bags are a viral trend among the younger generation.

Read on to know more about these most adaptable and lovable kinds of bags.

Trendy Tote Bags


What is a Tote Bag?

According to recent statistics, the global handbag market size value is around US$ 51.89 billion. With more women stepping out for home or business needs, the demand for such products has increased invariably.

A tote is an oversized, open bag with parallel handles that help you to hang or hold it. These are also called reusable shopping bags used for carrying or toting a lot of stuff at one time.

These unfastened products are quite handy and readily available in local shops and markets. You can find high-end, expensive totes used by celebrities or in some leading fashion shows.


Types of Totes

You can choose custom tote bags based on your usage and preferences.

Here are a few varieties to consider.

A Travel Bag

These totes have more space and partitions compared to other types. They can store all your travel essentials in one place. These bags are thick and durable.


For Market Use

These are the most common type of tote bags used for your daily shopping and grocery errands.


For Office Use

These are preferred by working women. Made of leather with multiple pockets to hold your mobile phones and electronic devices, these bags are an ideal choice for your office use.


Foldable Bags

You can fold and carry extra totes when you go shopping for monthly essentials.


Boat-shaped Totes

These trendy products are a craze among women of all ages. You can grab eyeballs carrying boat-shaped custom tote bags to an upcoming event.


Bags for New Mothers

Totes are widely used by new mothers to carry diapers and other baby essentials. These bags are made of soft materials with cute, colorful prints.


Promotional Bags

Many organizations hand out promotional tote bags with the company name and logo. It is the best way to create brand awareness among the people.


Materials Used in Making Totes

Custom tote bags are made out of a variety of materials.

Canvas: Canvas is widely used for making clothes, tents, tarps, jackets, and other heavy-duty industrial items.

Canvas tote bags are ideal for long-term use. The material is the best choice to print images and add designs to make the bag look trendy. These are sturdy bags made from weaved cotton.

These products are reusable as they can be easily washed and cleaned.

Cotton: Cotton bags are the best choice for maintaining environmental sustainability. Cotton is a soft, anti-allergic material used to make clothes, bedsheets, curtains, and other items.

Although they are comfortable to carry and use, they are fragile and cannot hold heavyweights. The key benefit of products made from organic cotton is recyclable and reusable.

Jute: Jute bags are biodegradable. The rustic look makes it an ideal choice for many women. Jute plants are used to make thick ropes, twines, sacks, and mats. Jute tote bags can sustain wear and tear for a longer time. Jute is a cheaper choice to make durable tote bags.


Tips to Choose the Best Tote Bags

Here are a few factors that you should consider before buying trendy custom tote bags.


Analyze the Purpose

It is essential to know the use to narrow down the options while buying a tote. For example, if you want a bag for daily use, a large jute tote bag or a canvas bag will be the ideal choice.


Select the Right Size

Although these products have larger dimensions, it is essential to select the correct size according to your requirement. If you want a fashionable bag to flaunt at a party, you should choose a sleek, attractive tote that matches your outfit.


Check the Zipper

Most totes are unfastened.  If you want to carry expensive items like a smartphone, wallet, or jewelry, you should check for zips, buttons, or Velcro straps for added security.


Final Words

It is advisable to calculate the weight of the items before you stuff things in your tote. Selecting a perfect bag that matches your look can enhance your personality.

A stylish bag, both comfortable and eye-catchy, will keep you in the limelight through an event.

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