How to Connect Phone to Car Bluetooth

How to Connect Phone to Car Bluetooth? Buying cars with new technology installed in them might be tough to adjust to. Carmonkey has great used cars available, equipped with the latest features that make it easier to use the car. Qualities like Bluetooth may be a tricky element that can be difficult for a section of people to accommodate themselves to. Here are some ways to connect an android and iPhone to the car without any trouble.


How to connect a phone to the Bluetooth of a car?

1) Check for compatibility: Many old models become redundant and therefore are unable to pair with newer models of cars. This is one of the reasons for not being able to connect it. Many phones that have versions less than Android 9 may not work for most cars. These kinds of phones require USB cables of whichever type their battery port is. Some cars are also not compatible with a few latest models of phones. Most phones have apps that can be downloaded via the play store to connect to the automobile in such conditions. Older models of cars are also not compatible with newer versions of phones. In such cases, use the highest quality cables to avoid low-quality transfer of data with very less speed.

2) Turn on Bluetooth in the vehicle: Newer models of cars have touch screens that display a Bluetooth sign with the on or off button under the settings option. They are usually available by turning on the car itself without the need to search for it. Older models might require switching from AV/AUX to Bluetooth to avail of this feature. 

3) Turn on Bluetooth on the mobile: Most android phones have a Bluetooth option on scrolling down the notch at the top. Otherwise, it is available in the settings menu specified as ‘Bluetooth or ‘pairing.’ All iPhones also have the same feature. Turn this feature on and try to find the car’s name on it. Check the ‘other devices’ column since most devices may be hidden under that option. Most of the time, it’s tough to find it since they are not named after their brand or model. One can find out how to operate it better in the manual provided with the car.

4) Connecting: After finding the device on the mobile, tap on it to find the key or the password code required. These keys are provided after tapping on the car screen right after tapping to connect. Most old models do not require a password, but newer technology makes it easier to connect to the right devices safely. Enter the keyword into the phone to connect the phone to the car. 


How to solve common Bluetooth errors:

1) Turn Bluetooth off and on: Sometimes, the devices are not available or are not ready to pair yet and might not be shown on the screen. Turning the Bluetooth on and off refreshes the list and shows all possible devices most of the time. If the device has been connected previously and does not connect now, try pressing the “forget device’ option and then connecting it from the top all over again. 

2) Make the device discoverable: Many devices can now be hidden from being discovered by other devices for safety issues. Make sure this feature is turned off, and the device is at least temporarily discoverable for it to be recognized by the other. A device might not be recognizable if it is connected with another device already as well. Make sure it is free and not connected to anything before trying to connect it with the car. Carmonkey has extremely well-kept cars that have checked for all problems to make it a smooth experience for the customer.

3) Refresh the screen: This process might help the device appear on the list if it was previously held back due to specific glitches or errors that are resolved on doing so. Ensure to tap pair/accept when the password is entered to ensure a correct connection with the required device. 

4) Connected but cannot hear music: Most of the time, this may be a glitch and needs to be reconnected. Check for audio level on the phone since a muted phone will not allow music to play in the car either. Otherwise, search for the device on the Bluetooth list and click the settings button next to its name. It should show an option called media audio that needs to be turned on. 

Hope all these options were helpful in a smooth sailing connection with no interruptions in playing any media from the phone to the car.

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