How to Create a Unique Value Proposition: 5 Ways to Do It

Unique Value Proposition

Unique value propositions are an essential factor for a business’s success. In this competitive world, if your business fails to justify the Unique Value proposition or Unique Selling Point, then it can never win the competition. After all, a unique value proposition sets your business apart from your competitors.

It is the key that makes your product or application unique and gains customers’ attention to use it. But before you think of selling your product to customers, think of selling it yourself.

This comprises analyzing why your product is important and what is unique. To help you create a Unique Value Proposition, the blog has suggested five ways mentioned below.

What Is a Unique Value Proposition?

As said, a unique value proposition is a modifying factor of your brand. It convinces your customers why they should choose your product over others and makes it stand out from the competitive brands. Although, it is not a statement like a vision or mission statement or any marketing campaign.

A unique value proposition is like a vibe that your brand gives to its target audience. Your business only needs to update its product to represent the unique value proposition in the best possible way.

Now that you have understood the importance of having different UVPs let’s discuss creating a unique value proposition for business.

How do you write a unique value proposition?

Following are five ways to help you create a unique value proposition for your business. These ways will help you develop marketing strategies and product management and create UVP via mobile app development. Consider these ways while building strategies for the UVP of your product.

Target Audience

Your target audience is the one for whom you create a UVP for your business. Many businesses often misjudge this thing that they can sell that your product to everyone.

But that is impossible. If you try to approach everybody, you will fail to appeal to an individual. Hence, if you want to sell your product and generate profit, you must define your target audience.

Start by researching their age, gender, music taste, hobbies, income, and interests. Use the collected information to appeal to your ideal customer in the best possible way.


Collecting information about your business rivals or competitive brands enables you to discover the market areas in which they are not doing or covering well.

This helps you exploit the possible weaknesses. Briefly study their complete business model, including their business model, staff details, past projects, performance, and core products.

Also, discover the market areas in which they are performing well and in which they have poor performance.

After you examine everything, search the market areas to improve upon. If your competitive brands or business rivals has a brick-and-mortar store, then observe the behavioral pattern of the customers there.

You can even conduct face-to-face or telephonic interviews to know what they have liked or disliked about the competitor’s product or app.

Based on the collaborative research, interviews, and study about the competitors and customers, you can now plan to set yourself apart by developing the UVP of your product or application.

Meanwhile, if you find it difficult to know your competitor’s application or product, you can get help from a mobile app development company.

Define your ‘Why’

Knowing what and how your product or application performs the task is not sufficient. Instead, you should find out why your application is required in the market.

It would help if you considered some key aspects of your brand to help others. Think of the features that your application has and others don’t.

It is t more quick and reliable. Does it add to the cost to make an app? Draw a spreadsheet comprising your competitor’s product. Do not include the things that your competitor’s product or app already has.

Find the unique aspects of your brand and master them all. Every organization thinks they have the best app, but this good exercise will help you build something special for it.

Against The Grain

If your product is one that bucks a stereotype inherent to a specific industry, you can utilize that as part of your USP. For you, think of opening a fitness club that mainly focuses on fitness enthusiasts and weightlifters.

Considering this factor in your advertising strategy will reverberate with people who like going to the gym and doing exercises. This instantly creates a powerful marketing tool and USP for your business.

Craft a single message and gather inspiration

Remember, only one unique value proposition fuels your business success. A business has several benefits, but the unique value proposition is everything about that one thing you do the best in your business.

Henceforth, when considering designing your unique value proposition, drop a single message only.

Furthermore, you should collect the information from the sources. If you own an application or are into a service business, explore all the markets and customer segments.

Get inspiration everywhere, and then apply the solution matching the product or service you sell to your customers.

What is the need for UVP in a business?

Regardless of size and nature, every organization requires a unique value proposition to lead the competition. Apart from this, there are some more reasons why a business needs UVP-

Improving customer understanding and engagement

Having a unique value proposition helps your business better understand your target audience. Therefore, you can build good infographics when you understand your target audience.

It includes e-books, videos, and campaigns that generate heavy traffic. Not only this but having a unique value proposition in a business also helps you identify who should and who can be your customer.

Increased engagement and a better understanding of your target customers or audience are major factors that decide your business growth.

And to drive the successful growth of your business and lead the competition for the longer run, you need to understand your target for effective customer engagement.

Develop a strong differential between you and your competitors

UVP develops a big difference between you and the competitive brands. The success and the sustainability of the business depend on how well your form your strategies and deal with the business rivals.

A unique UVP will set your product apart from the competition, offering a sustainable competitive benefit that will drive your business’s future success.


Henceforth, above was an overview of the unique value proposition, how you should create it, and why it matters in your business.

Having a UVP is necessary for a business campaign’s success. It also assists the organizations in acquiring a competitive benefit to building a unique brand identity in the market by defining its unique factor to the audience.

Thus, if you have understood this concept’s importance, follow the tips mentioned above to create one for your business.

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