How to Encourage Your Kids to Drink More Water

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We all are aware that water is one of the essential things for human life. Everyone should intake enough water per day to keep their body hydrated. All of the body’s vital activities require the presence of water. Many people think that they can fulfill their thirst by having some juice or sodas but nothing can replace water. As adults, we can surely take care of our basic needs like water, but the case is different when it comes to children’s refillable bottles.

However, it is not easy to persuade children to drink water. Still, it is especially important if they are physically active, as our bodies lose water through breathing, sweating, and digestion. A child’s or teen’s daily water requirement is determined by age, weight, and gender. As fruits and vegetables contain more water than other solid foods, your child or teen should eat an ample number of servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

It can be tough to persuade children to drink the necessary quantity of water each day, especially if they’ve found alternatives such as chocolate milk and juice. So, if you are worried about how to get your kids to drink enough water then, try these five simple ways to encourage them to drink more water daily.

Keep water Readily Available

Your child is more likely to request water if it is the only drink available. Also, make sure that your kids have a glass of water nearby at mealtimes, or a bottle if they’re on the go. As you cannot always be near your child when they are thirsty, you can consider installing a water cooler in your home. Keep the water bottles or tumblers at a low surface, making it easier for small children to access and self-serve. This way, kids can reach the water filters or bottles on their own. Drink in style and enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverage in one of our various custom tumblers. We have a large selection of custom acrylic tumblers with wholesale prices on unique acrylic and plastic tumblers.

Give them Cool Bottles

A cool or cute bottle and having a specific bottle or cup that you carry with you all the time can encourage kids to drink more water. Furthermore, refillable bottles do not produce waste. A straw cap, a little bottle, or a cup that they may refill frequently may be preferred by your children. It’s sometimes less scary than a full-size adult serving. Keep a supply of interesting reusable drinking straws on hand to remind kids to drink enough water.

Add a New Favour

Instead of putting fruit on ice, you may do what premium spas and beach resorts do and put it straight in your water. Infuse your water with sliced fruits or berries directly in your pitcher, or use a water bottle with an infuser built-in. Although not everyone enjoys carbonated water, if your children do, consider purchasing seltzer water for them or purchasing a Sodastream for your household. It helps you to make your own fizzy water in the comfort of your own home. You can flavor it with a splash of their favorite fruit juice if you want.

Use Water Filters

If you are willing to give your children healthy and clean water for drinking, you must put a water filter in your kitchen. These water filters are very beneficial for health as they purify water to the fullest. In this way, you can get pure and fresh water readily available in your home. Also, you can teach your children about how this aqua water filter works and releases clean water in it. Giving some fascinating examples about various sports persons can also prove helpful in encouraging the children to drink more water.

Try Fun Straws with Patterns

We all know that playing alone with their stuff is a favorite pastime of small children. Take advantage of this by allowing them to choose their sippy cup at the store. You can also think of getting a few colorful, twisty straws for them to drink from as a bonus. Make it clear that the cup and straws are only to be used for water once they’ve gained that sense of ownership, they’ll be begging for more in no time. Remember to use reusable straws so that they can be reasonable for you and the kids. 


So, these tips given in the article can help urge your children to drink enough water in their daily routine. When they go to school, you can request that the teacher allow the students to use the restroom whenever they need to. If your child believes they will not be permitted to use the bathroom, they may refuse to drink at school. Also, encourage your child not to drink within an hour of going to bed since this may cause or worsen bedwetting. 

If your child has a bowel problem, have a surety that they drink plenty of water throughout the day. Hopefully, these tips will guide you and make your children more aware of the benefits of drinking water.

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