How to gain genuine Instagram followers

Instagram has become a huge part of most of the brand’s social presence nowadays. Instagram can drive traffic to grow conversions, landing pages and also build an engaged audience.

If your Instagram presence is not very well-established, it is time to sharpen up your strategies and gain organic and real followers on Instagram. The more followers your brand has, the more opportunities you will get to engage with your users and create amazing experiences for them.

Brands need to reach a certain follower level quickly so that they can establish their presence on Instagram fast. For this, a lot of companies go with the option of buying. Buy Instagram followers today to make a great first impression on your target audience.

Check out these easy and amazing methods to increase your Instagram following.

Optimize your account

Make sure your brand account is fully optimized. Add a proper bio, image caption, name, and profile image. Your bio and image form a crucial part of your brand identity. The link in your bio is the part that can be used to drive traffic to your e-commerce website. Keep your username search-friendly. You can also use your actual brand name.

Keep a content creation calendar.

If you do not post on Instagram, you will lose followers. If you post at random times, you will lose followers. Therefore, have a calendar where you will mention which post goes live on which date. Post consistently so that your audience does not get bored waiting for you to post. Alternatively, you can also post a few times throughout the day. Check your insights and find out the times at which audiences are engaging with your posts the most. Start posting during those times.

Use schedulers

There are many schedules available online. You can make your post and save them on the schedulers. They will post it on Instagram for you. By scheduling in advance, you can campaign more effectively by having the post-release at the time when the user engagement is maximum.

Get social media influencers for promotion

While you learn how to gain more followers, you must present your own brand to others like influencers. When influencers promote a certain brand, their followers are likely to follow that brand as well. Check out the most popular social media influencers.

Take time to reply

As a growing brand, you may not have a lot of time to reply to your followers. However, always keep some time in the day to go and reply to all the comments which have come on your post. Users enjoy it when there is someone replying to their comments. This will increase your engagement rate.

Showcase your Instagram

Add social media link buttons to your website and blogs. This will allow your website and blog to promote social shares as well as to direct people who come to your blog to your social media to follow you as well.

Post the kind of content the followers want to see

After a month or so, you will start to understand which of your posts get the maximum engagement and which of the posts are not doing so well. Use these details and put out the content that your audience enjoys. This will increase your engagement rate and bring in more audience.

 Click here for more information on how to grow your Instagram presence and increase your Instagram following. Developing the brand name on Instagram is a multifaceted process. Only posting content is not enough. Knowing the intricate details of the best practices can make your strategies more effective.


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