How To Get Your Music on Apple Music, Spotify and All Major Streaming Platforms?

how to release music on spotify

Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Tiktok are popular music streaming services that allow large and independent labels and artists to market and distribute their music to over a million people. Some major streaming platforms’ membership allows customers to download their favorite songs and listen to them offline, as well as deliver a variety of useful features such as radio stations, top songs, and curated playlists.

When you sell your music online someone listens to your music on streaming platforms, and you get paid, making it a perfect venue for approaching musicians to sell and decriminalize their music. Unfortunately, these platforms do not establish direct relationships with independent artists and record labels. Therefore, it is important to seek the help of a music distributor.  

MusicDigi is one of the world’s best digital music distributors for labels and artists. Musicians can access unlimited music through MusicDigi’s network of retailers for digital music and streaming platforms, including Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. All the while, you maintain complete control over your masters. Their motive is to help you get your music to where it belongs.

What is Music Distribution?

Through the music distribution process music is delivered to the listener worldwide. Distributors traditionally enter into agreements with record companies to sell your music on Amazon, any other streaming platform, or to retailers. Digital distribution, on the other hand, changed everything by cutting out the intermediary and allowing artists to distribute music to online stores while keeping 100% of their income.

How Does it Work?

The purpose of digital distribution is to get your music on TikTok or other platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other streaming and digital music retailers. Consider them a digital record store—once you’ve uploaded your music, others will be able to stream, transfer, and purchase it. In exchange, you will be paid royalties based on how and where your music is played.

Digital music retailers, like old record stores, get their music from digital distribution companies. Digital distributors, on the other hand, distribute digital music to important music stores. So, all stocks of music are now just a few clicks away.

Benefits of Music Distribution

The music industry has changed dramatically since the introduction of iTunes in 2002. Major labels are no longer the porters of distribution and are no longer responsible for releasing top music. Distribution used to be quite expensive, but as artists have become less reliant on labels to deliver tangible copies of their work, it has become easier than ever to sell songs on iTunes Tidal, etc. This also means that people can make music more easily than ever before.

It is extremely simple to get your music on Spotify and other major platforms. You can also set a release date, graphics, cover, and set label name for your album or solo song. Simply get in touch with a music distributor that provides free service. Some music distributors also set up songs commission-free. Few simple platforms are easy to handle where uploading music and songs are faster and hassle-free. 

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