How to Host a Netflix Watch Party? Here’s How It’s Done.


You’ve likely been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about it yet. “Teleparty (TP)” is a brand-new Netflix tool with a unique feature. Streamers can host an SVoD viewing party with their friends and family. That sounds incredible, doesn’t it?


Aside from that, if you are a lover of American shows, you may even hold a US content viewing party. If you want to discover how to get American Netflix in the UK, for example, you’ll need a VPN service (more specifically, a Netflix VPN service). You may simply hold a Netflix watch party in the United States once you’ve subscribed and connected to a US server.


Group conversations with smileys and other emojis, screenshots, GIFs, and personalized user profiles are also included in the extension, allowing you to share your comments and replies to videos as you view them on your preferred streaming device


How Do You Get a Teleparty Started?

A Netflix viewing party for a favourite movie or TV show is simple to organise. To attain this purpose, you must first instal the “Teleparty” chrome extension, and then copy the “Teleparty” URL/ link to share with other members.


Teleparty Chrome Extension is now available for download! Start by downloading its extension: If you wish to get closer to your loved ones, especially during COVID-19 and self-quarantine measures, start by downloading its extension:


To download/install the “Teleparty” Google Chrome extension, go to the Netflix party site.


  • Go to the “Get Teleparty for Free” option.
  • Select “Add to Chrome” from the drop-down menu.
  • In your Google Chrome browser, you’ll notice a “TP” (Teleparty) logo.
  • Open Netflix and enter valid credentials in the “Sign in” box.
  • Pick a movie or TV show to watch at your Netflix Watch Party!


A window will display, instructing you on how to “Create a Teleparty.” You can choose to take complete control over the game or leave it up to everyone. You can begin watching the same content together once it has been opened. To ensure uninterrupted video streaming, evaluate your internet speed with Speedcheck before starting the watch party.


What Is the Process?

Members that are interested log in to their Netflix accounts. Teleparty will sync the accounts’ streaming after one user chooses the movie or TV show to watch. This allows you to watch the same thing on all of your screens at the same time.


If It Doesn’t Work, What Should You Do?

Netflix determines your location based on your IP (Internet Protocol) address. It selects which TV episodes and movies you can see and which you can’t based on your location. Geographic blockage is the term for this. You can utilize a VPN in this situation.


Netflix, on the other hand, is getting smarter by the day. It has figured out how to detect and block the majority of VPN connections. So, which VPNs are the most effective? You should choose a VPN with sophisticated features that Netflix will not deduct. Teleparty even offers a text chat function on the side of the screen (much like YouTube does during live streaming), allowing you and the other members to communicate in real-time.


During the lockdown era, when we had lost most of our friends, family, and loved ones, this tool showed us how to create a meaningful life by hosting movie nights and watch parties. In addition, over 12 million individuals use Teleparty to connect with other members to host late-night movies and binge-worthy shows in order to broaden their entertainment options and learn more about Netflix’s features.


How to View Video Content in a Group?

Following the creation of a Teleparty, a new window containing a link will open. You must copy the visible “URL” and distribute the received link to all new users. You can begin watching the same content together once it has been opened.


A chat room is located in the right corner of your screen if you need to talk to someone or ping all members. You can tell jokes or talk about anything else with everyone here. In addition, you’ll be able to observe when someone joins a party.


Final Words

For a good reason, many communities throughout the world use Teleparty to meet new people and hold long-distance movie evenings or events. It necessitates very little effort. All you’ll need is the Google Chrome extension, a Netflix subscription, and a group of people who want to watch and chat at the same time.

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