How to Integrate Content Marketing & SEO?

Content Marketing & SEO


Content is the king of the digital world today. If you ask any digital marketing company in Lucknow, Mumbai, New York, London, or anywhere else in the world, they will tell you that digital marketing is not possible without good content. In fact, content is that one thing that can bring you sustainable and stable organic traffic – i.e. leads for your business.

Good and relevant content is not only important to build a lasting audience base but it is also necessary to make the best out of digital marketing. In that sense, it is essential to learn how you can integrate content marketing with SEO to derive the best possible results.

In-depth content pieces by themselves are not going to bring you clients, these must also be loved by Google and other search engines to get better rankings i.e. visibility. Here are some ways you can ensure that your efforts in creating good content pieces yield results:

Factoring in SEO

By using SEO services in Lucknow, New York, London, Singapore, or elsewhere, you can access a content marketing strategy that favors SEO. Otherwise, you can create one yourself by factoring in these 3 things:

  • Clear Communication: It is very important to get clear about what you wish to communicate to your audience regarding your niche, topics, subject, business values, issues, etc., as this sets the tone for the content you would be creating.
  • Search Queries: Keyword research is one of the best ways to understand your target audience as well as the overall market. As you understand the interest of your target audience regarding your niche or business through online queries, you can automatically factor that in creating relevant content.
  • Relevancy on Google: Page 1 of Google search results regarding any query is your clear gateway to understanding what Google favors in that subject. You can analyze these search results and then create content in the same way by including all the relevant elements.

Google Likes Structure

Whenever you start preparing a piece of content, it is important to ensure that it is properly structured. It is simply because Google favors organized and structured content and web pages over those that seem disorganized and messy. Why? The answer to this can be explained in these few plain words: such pages are easier to understand for both the user and Google.

The top results of any particular query, you would find, are simple content pieces that provide the relevant information in a straightforward way. One way to go about it is by making sure that every content piece you create completely satisfies the user intent behind a search query.

You can do this easily with the help of proper keyword research and implementation strategy.

Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization

Do you know what Keyword Cannibalization is? It is the phenomenon when many of your web pages would fit to be on Page 1 of the same search query. This can be extremely harmful to your SEO and overall digital marketing company strategy because you would be competing with yourself.

It happens when several of your web pages are about one distinct topic or subject. This hurts your SEO because one, your leads get divided within your websites, and two, it creates confusion for both your audience and search engines, especially Google.

You can avoid Keyword Cannibalization by making sure that there is only one webpage concerning any search query rather than multiple web pages. This web page should cover the topic in depth to satisfy the search query completely – if not, it can drive your leads to your competition easily. Also, ensure that every search query or topic is covered only once.

Understanding Search Engine Results Page

The best way to create valuable content that brings in qualified and organic leads is to understand Page 1 of search engine results when a query is searched. There are multiple types of search results that search engine offers to users based on their queries like news, answers, e-Commerce results, maps, local results, social media channels, and videos among many other things.

You can use these search results to your leverage by creating content similar to the type of results displayed on Page 1 for your subject and keywords according to your niche. For example, if you are handling a social media-based business, you would want to create a brand identity and such relevant content that would rank on a shopping query related to your business – it can be completely visual or just textual.

This would also help you to understand the average length of content, keywords, headlines, topics, sub-topics, and concepts used by the top competition which you can utilize to create better-performing content.

We Still Do Keywords

Google and all search engines work on algorithms to rank content according to their relevancy to a query. Using keywords is one way to ensure that these algorithms can understand your content pieces easily and thus, rank them as is relevant. You can do so by including your main keyword in your content piece’s URL, Meta Page Title, First Paragraph, and Headline H1.

This is not only useful for search engine algorithms and rankings but also helps users i.e. your target audience to find your content piece as it is the most relevant to their search query.

Some Technical Details

To ensure that your content piece is fit for SEO, you need to meet some technical details such as information about the author of the page, the product on the page, any audio or videos, business details, and so on as is relevant. You can do so by implementing proper schema markup.

This is an important step because it helps to improve clarity for Google which in turn helps your content to be displayed for the most relevant queries.


There is no use in creating content that does not perform well and which does not bring you long-lasting results, it is a rather big waste of your time and effort that can be better utilized elsewhere. Use the tips mentioned in this article to create relevant content that would perform well according to SEO to save time and help you gain qualified leads.

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