How to Make Parking Lots More Secure


No one wants their vehicle to be broken into or stolen, so it’s no surprise that most drivers will want to park in a lot that has added security. If theft is an issue or there are other crimes to be worried about, there are ways to make the parking lot more secure and to help protect the vehicles that are parked in the lot. Some of the best ways to make parking lots more secure include the following. 

Direct Traffic Through the Parking Lot

Don’t let drivers wander around the parking lot. When this is possible, thieves may use the opportunity to cruise through the parking lot to look for vehicles that are easy to break into or that might have valuables inside. They’ll simply keep circling until they find a vehicle they can break into and steal from. Instead, use bollards, parking lot stencils, and other devices to direct all traffic from the entrance through the available spaces and to the exit. 

Have the Parking Lot Monitored

Security may not catch everything because they can only be in one place at a time, but they’ll discourage most attempts at theft. Having a guard walk or drive the parking lot can help significantly reduce the potential for anything to happen in the parking lot and will help drivers feel a lot more secure about parking there, especially if they need to leave the vehicle overnight. 

Add or Fix Lighting to Illuminate Spaces

There are minimal requirements for parking lot lights, but it’s a good idea to add more than just what’s necessary. The more lighting there is in the parking lot, the easier it is for security guards to spot someone trying to break into a vehicle. It’s also easier for people walking through the parking lot to keep an eye on what’s happening around them and stay as safe as possible. 

Report Anything Suspicious Promptly

There will be suspicious behavior occasionally, even in more secure parking lots. When anything is noticed, report the activity to the police promptly. This can include people walking around the parking lot and looking in vehicles, any abandoned vehicles in the lot, people driving around in circles in the lot, and more. Faster calls for assistance will mean a faster response in most cases and can help limit anything bad from happening. 

Manage the Flow Through the Lot

Requiring an ID pass, a code, or another means of identification can limit who will be able to park in the parking lot. While this does make the lot private, it also helps cut down on people coming in the lot just to look for something to steal. It is possible to create a paid system where drivers must pay to park in the lot. Thieves usually won’t be willing to pay the hourly or daily rate for the lot just to look and see if there’s anything to steal. 

The more secure a parking lot is, the more likely it will be used as drivers will feel more comfortable about leaving their vehicle. There are tons of different techniques that can be used to help secure the parking lot, including the above. Look into the different options today to find out what will work well for your parking lot and what will help keep your customers as safe as possible.

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