How to prepare GK for CDS in 1 month? Which books are the best to prepare GK for CDS?

The purpose of the General Knowledge (GK) section in the CDS exam is to check candidates’ knowledge of current topics. As we all know, current affairs are hard to cover since they’re ever-changing, vast, and voluminous.

CDS exam

This post will throw light on how to prepare for the GK paper in 30 days along with Important GK questions for CDS exam. As a result, students who are short on time can reap maximum benefits, despite the limited time available to them!

What is the CDS exam?

The Combined Defense Services (CDS) exam is conducted by the Union Public Services Commission to recruit officers in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. There are two stages of the exam: a written examination and the SSB interview. One of the important components of the CDS written exam, apart from Mathematics and English, is GK. Since GK is not a static subject, it needs to be covered regularly to avoid missing out on important events. Therefore, it is imperative to study this section strategically to secure a decent rank.

Steps to Prepare for the GK Exam

Let’s divide the preparation of the GK exam into the following phases-

  1. Read and analyze the syllabus

Know the CDS exam syllabus, read the topics and subjects that need to be studied thoroughly. It is essential to know the way to reach the right destination. The following areas require detailed attention while preparing for the GK section-

  • Current awareness
  • Geography
  • History
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Awards and honors
  • Books and Authors


  1. Stick to the Book List

Since you are short of time, focus on minimum sources and maximum revision. Make it a point to read any one of the leading newspapers. Try reading papers in the morning and write a few pointers to summarize the essential topics that you read in the newspaper that day. This will ensure that you are learning as well as revising the GK every day. You can also refer to the following books for preparation-

  • General Awareness by Manohar Pandey (for studying the static portions)
  • Manorama Yearbook by Philip Mathew
  • Pratiyogita Darpan Magazines
  • To revise the static topics, stick to NCERTs from classes 6 and above. The PDFs of Geography, History Civics, etc. are freely available online which can be accessed from anywhere.


Try making short and crisp notes for all of these so that you can revise it again at a later stage.

  1. Create a Plan

After selecting the resources, chalk out a plan by creating a timetable and dividing the days for each subject. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses based on the subject that falls under the category of GK and then devote more time to those where you score fewer marks.

  1. Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers


No preparation is complete without giving mock tests. Reading and revision are vital. However, it will not be of any use until you manage to score well in the exam. To ensure success in the exam, it becomes essential to give a mock test. We suggest you attempt the CDS Mock Test Series 2021 provided by BYJU’S Exam Prep. It consists of 60 Mock Tests and 20 Sectional tests along with 24 previous year papers. These mock tests cover all the subjects and are based on the latest exam pattern.


Moreover, detailed solutions provided in English will help you assess and work on your weak areas. Additionally, before buying the test series package, you may attempt a few test series provided by them for free. Evaluation of past year papers is crucial since you will get an idea of the exam trends and patterns. This will help you get acquainted with the kind of questions that you will have to answer on the final day.


To ace the CDS Exams, it is essential to follow the right strategy. Following the tips mentioned above will be helpful not only in CDS Exam Preparation but for all exams. Understanding the pattern of the exams, limiting the sources, revising them thoroughly, and giving mock tests by following a proper plan will ensure success in the CDS exams.

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