How to Select the Right Custom Flags for Tradeshows and Marketing Events

Custom Flags

Advertising flags are very helpful promotional tools. They’re usable in a variety of situations. You can set them up in your front yard to promote your yard sales. Store owners set them up in their driveways to generate foot traffic. Savvy marketers even place these flags outside busy events (e.g., outside a stadium) to promote their brands to large crowds. But, the most popular use of custom flags is at marketing events. Events like tradeshows or business conferences have competitive environments. With well-designed marketing flags, brands can outdo their competitors and generate the most attention. The more attention your brand generates at major events, the more leads you generate.

Importance of Using High-Quality Custom Marketing Flags at Events

Many event managers have been hosting virtual events for the past two years. Most event marketing experts agree that virtual events don’t connect communities as effectively as in-person events. That means in the post-pandemic era – in-person events will be back, big time.

Brands must be prepared to attend these face-to-face events with the right marketing tools. That means selecting high-quality custom flags to promote your brand in the most effective way possible. How to select the “right” custom marketing flags for your upcoming tradeshows and marketing events? Use the following guide –

Consider How Much Space You’ll Have at the Event

Your company may not receive too much booth space at crowded events. Plan for this possibility. Get space-efficient 12 x 18-inch flags. Although these flags aren’t massive, they’re very eye-catching. If you opt for flags with unique shapes like teardrop flags or blade flags, they’ll draw even more eyes at the events.

Focus on Branding

The best custom-printed flag sellers offer buyers total customization control. You simply need to send the sellers your artwork to have it printed on your custom flags. Make sure the artwork you send is consistent with your brand’s existing style. If your brand is frank and forthright, select simpler, more minimalistic designs.

For instance, a biotechnology company should keep its banners simple and easy to read. If your brand is slightly edgy or humorous, opt for eye-catching designs. For instance, a children’s fashion brand should use bright, exciting designs. Make sure your custom marketing flags’ colors and overall aesthetic are consistent with your company’s branding style.

Use a Variety of Marketing Flags

Custom-printed marketing flags are very cheap. You can order them in bulk without spending too much of your company’s marketing budget. Different types of marketing flags offer different qualities. Each of these qualities can be helpful for your brand at busy marketing events.

  • Feather flags look sleek and sophisticated. Place them next to your company’s booth to draw the attention of target attendees.
  • Distribute custom-printed handheld flags to generate brand awareness among event attendees.
  • Use car flags to decorate your company vehicles before traveling to the event.

Make sure your flags have prints on both sides. Custom marketing flags with double-sided graphics are hard to avoid. Use this guide to build a collection of top-quality custom marketing flags for your upcoming events!

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