How To Style Your Macrame Table Runner?

macrame table runner

When styling your room, you should think of color contrasts. The macrame table runner can elevate your table’s beauty if you can contrast it properly. When creating a table runner for decoration, the table’s size, texture, and color should be kept in mind. Your table runner can look stunning even if made with basic ideas. You should understand simple knots that can create a charm in your dining space.

Use of Table Runner: 

The table runner is a specific piece of material that is narrow and can be used for decorating, dividing, or defining your dining space. Though the length of the table runners can vary, the width remains from 14 inches to 17 inches wide.

Materials Required To Macrame:  

For beginners, medium-sized ropes are required for making the table runner. The macrame man can make the table runner or can take professional help. The ropes used to make the table runner can vary from 4mm to 7 mm. This macrame can be used in wall hangings, lanterns, furniture, rugs, and curtains.

How to decorate your table runner in your dining space? 

First, you need to check the length of the table before making the table runner. Though the length of the table runner is completely according to your decision, it should not hang more than your table cloth. 

The table runner can be hung over six inches at each end of your table. So, for example, when the length of your table is 60 inches, your table runner can be the length of at least 72 inches. This measurement can allow at least 6 inches at every end of the table.

Steps to make the Macrame Table runner: 

Here are the steps through which you can easily style your table with the help of the macrame table runner.

Step 1: Tie the cotton rope with the door hook and fold the rope so that it creates the shape of the lark’s head.

Step 2: Continue the folding until you obtain 22 lark’s heads. This will provide you with 44 strands for working further.

Step 3:  You can pull the rope through the right side from the outer portion and can drape the other ends from the left side with the door hook.

Step 4: The same strands can be used to create the second knot, called the half-hitch knots.

Step 5: Make sure that the knots are consistent and even.

Step 6: The knots should not be very tight and not very loose. A perfect knot will help you to work further with your table runner.

Step 7: You can repeat the knots unless you come with the desired length of your table runner.For styling your macrame table runner, you can use centerpieces in the center of your table runner. You can also club tablecloths and placemats with your table runner to give your dining space an elegant look. With some simple knots like half-hitch knots and lark’s head knots, you can easily create table runners on your own for decorating your dining area.

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