How Your Beauty Salon Can Attract New Customers and Boost the Bottom Line

Has your beauty salon found itself struggling to draw in new customers in recent weeks or months? Even if your salon offers a great range of services and hires talented creative professionals, you may still find it difficult to boost the bottom line without making some changes to your business model. Fortunately, you don’t need to completely upend your business to help bring in more revenue and attract a loyal customer base. Whether you’re not yet attending industry events, whether you need to update your in-house technology or whether you’re just looking for some marketing tips, there are several strategies that could help your salon improve its finances. Here are some steps to consider taking as soon as possible.

Take Advantage of Industry Events and Business Networking

One of the best ways to get your brand name out there, connect with other professionals in your industry and strengthen your reputation is to attend as many industry events as possible. Not only can you find out about new technology such as beauty salon sterilizers and more at these events, you could also market your own salon and network with other professionals. You may want to:

  • Open up a booth at a trade show or other similar industry event
  • Find your unique branding niche to make your salon stand out
  • Network with others in the business to spread the word about your salon
  • Give all your employees business cards to make it easier to connect with potential new clients

Upgrade Your List of Offerings and Your In-House Beauty Technology

Even with a great reputation in your industry, offering the services that clients want is the key to gaining and retaining regular business. For example, if your list of services is short and you’re lacking modern beauty technology such as an autoclave machine for a beauty salon, now could be the time to implement some upgrades. Make sure your salon offers key services such as:

  • Hair cuts, styling and colouring services
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting services
  • Special hair services, such as deep conditioning treatments, protein treatments and perms
  • Facials, skincare treatments and peels
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Massages, body wraps and aromatherapy

Revamp Your Marketing Efforts and Get Creative With Ads

Good marketing strategies can be helpful for any small business, beauty salons included. If you’ve been using the same tired advertising ideas for years, it could be time to revamp your efforts. For example, you could:

  • Launch new paid search ads
  • Start advertising your salon on local radio stations
  • Run digital advertisements targeted to your area
  • Improve your company website and your search engine optimization efforts
  • Start several company social media accounts and post regularly
  • Start your own YouTube channel to show off your services
  • Make sure your Google listings are up to date

Focus on Improving Your Services and Training Your Employees

Lastly, having top talent can increase word-of-mouth advertising and improve your reputation. Try to focus on:

  • Offering regular employee training sessions and company-wide professional development events
  • Vet prospective new hires thoroughly and require cosmetology training and proper licensure for hiring
  • Gather customer feedback on your services and look for ways you could improve
  • Offer employees a secure and anonymous way to give higher-ups feedback for potential improvement

Even with a range of services on offer and a solid professional reputation in place, many beauty salons may find themselves in periods of slow business, low revenue and general financial difficulty. If you feel as though your salon has recently hit a financial low point, you may be searching for ways to attract new customers. Thankfully, this process could be easier than you realize. By attending industry shows on a regular basis, upgrading your offerings and in-house technology, revamping your marketing and advertising efforts and focusing on training top employees, you could give your news business insider a makeover and draw new clients to your beauty salon.


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