HYPERFADE™ Micro Dart Patch: Its Ingredients and Purpose

HYPERFADE™ Micro Dart Patch: Its Ingredients and Purpose

Dark spots may not be a concern for some people, but it gravely impacts the confidence of some. Moreover, the said condition is also known as hyperpigmentation; wherein, the skin generates more melanin in some areas, making it much darker than other parts of the skin. In addition, there are also some instances wherein the cause of the dark spot is due to sun damage, but this is another skin condition known as sunspots. Nevertheless, the HYPERFADE™ Micro Dart Patch is made to address hyperpigmentation, which gives fast and lasting results in fading the dark spots. Therefore, it’s a product used for dark spots on the face, which too much melanin has caused.

Dark spot correctors would add unnecessary ingredients to market their product as a cutting-edge innovation to persuade consumers to buy their products at a high price. However, these marketing techniques became normalized in the skincare industry to gain larger profits while having a low-efficiency result. 

Therefore, consumers must look at every ingredient added to the product to ensure its worth equates to what it said. Subsequently, it is fundamental to know that dark spot correctors function by lowering the tyrosinase activity, which is an enzyme in charge of producing melanin on our skin. 

HYPERFADE™ Micro Dart Patch Ingredients

The product has ten ingredients, which every each has their purpose why it is added to the product. Nevertheless, the following are the main ingredients included in the product:

  • Hyaluronic Acid. It is an acid used for moisturizing the skin, wherein it somehow attracts moisture. Furthermore, its other purpose is to hydrate the skin, which significantly aids other lightening and brightening ingredients to infiltrate the skin to have a much better result.
  • Niacinamide. It is a vitamin B3 that has a broad range of beneficial effects on a human’s body, which also helps in hydrating the skin, treating hyperpigmentation, promoting skin elasticity, and so on. Therefore, it improves the skin’s appearance and builds up damaged cells caused by various skin conditions. 
  • Vitamin C. It is also frequently known as ascorbic acid, which purpose is to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase from producing melanin. Furthermore, dark spots result from the over-production of melanin in some areas of our skin, as stated earlier. Additionally, it helps to lighten the affected areas while leaving out the skin surrounding it unaffected. Therefore, it’s the ingredient that acts as the lightning agent for unwanted dark spots.
  • Arbutin. It is a glycoside obtained from the bearberry plant, which purpose is also to prevent the production activity of melanin.  
  • TXA. It is the ingredient that also improves the appearance of dark spots and discoloration of the applied area. Furthermore, its other purpose is brightening up the skin, which results have a better outcome when mixed with vitamin c and kojic acid.
  • Kojic Acid. It is a chemical produced as a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice. Furthermore, it is known to be used for brightening up the skin, but other than that, it also prevents the production of melanin. 
  • Licorice Root Extract. It is added as a skin whitener that also prevents melanin production. Furthermore, it also can avoid future dark spots from forming.

To sum it up, it is a dark spot corrector that is worth every penny because its ingredients have a significant effect on the applied area. 

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