Interesting Things to Know About Tennis

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sports news

Tennis is a common sport worldwide and you can see this in sports news. Each year, several tennis tournaments are held all over the globe. Tennis attracts millions of players, both recreational and professional. The game of tennis is an excellent choice for active people who are set to enjoy playing.

Tennis is enjoyed all year round by people of all ages and in indoor and outdoor facilities. Many of these facilities have features that make them a perfect place for training and practice.

Below are things to know about tennis:


Tennis began in the UK in the mid-19th century as lawn tennis. It had close links to the older game of real tennis, which is still played today.

The exact origin of tennis is unclear, but it was popularized in Britain by Henry Slocum, who played a version of racquets on grass courts at Harrow School in 1873, and at Wimbledon, London, in 1874.

The first championships at Wimbledon were held in 1877. The sport gained popularity due to its relatively simple rules (as opposed to those of squash) and because it could be played on any grass surface.

In 1881, Major Walter Clopton Wingfield designed a similar game for which he applied the name “sphairistikè,” or “patristics”; because of its similarity to lawn tennis.

This game became known as “lawn tennis” or sometimes just “tennis” and replaced real tennis as the top court game in England.

There is debate over who invented lawn tennis (or real tennis) as different stuff in life. Some people say that Major Wingfield invented it at his home in Laleham.

Types of Tennis

Tennis is a quick-paced sport that needs quick reflexes and endurance. Two people play it on a court with a net dividing them. The players use rackets to hit an inflated ball back and forth over the net until one player wins the point by hitting it over their opponent’s head.

There are three main types of tennis: mixed doubles, doubles, and singles.

In singles tennis, two players face off on different sides of the net.

In doubles tennis, teams of two players face off against each other to win more points than their opponents within a set time (usually three sets).

Mixed doubles are similar to doubles, except that men and women play on the same team and alternate hitting balls across the net rather than playing across each other in singles and doubles matches.

How to Score a Point

Tennis is a game of points, and the server is always a player’s opponent. You are the server when you serve or hit the ball into play. You now have two choices if your opponent gets the ball back to you on their first shot.

You can hit it back to your opponent or allow them to make an unforced error (such as hitting the net or missing the ball altogether). If your opponent makes an unforced error on their first shot after receiving your serve, they lose that point.

However, if they hit it back to you and then win the next point with their second shot, they win that game.

To win a set in tennis (the best of three games), players must win six games by two clear points.

A critical thing concerning tennis is that it’s a gentleman’s game played by ladies and gentlemen. And this is true in many facets of the sport, from how you play to how you behave on the court.

Tennis Etiquette

Here are some tennis etiquette tips to help you be a better player:

  •  Be respectful of your opponent. No matter how bad they play, never say anything derogatory about them.
  • Be respectful of yourself and your playing ability. If you lose, don’t blame anyone else for your loss but yourself; if you win, don’t rub it in by boasting or bragging about how good you are. Just be gracious about it!
  • Be sure to shake hands with your opponent after every match, regardless of whether it’s friendly or competitive. This shows respect for each other as players and is one of the best ways to make new friends on the court!
  • Always wait until your opponent has finished serving before returning their shot, even if they miss an easy one! This will show them that they have your utmost respect even if they aren’t doing so well now!


Tennis is a great sport and a fun way to stay active. Like any other sport, there are things you need to know to get out on the court and be your best game. Here are things you should understand about tennis before you put down that racket so that you can begin enjoying this wonderful sport.

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