Interviewing Mr. Mayank Srivastava: Understanding the Visionary’s Idea of Experts’ Global

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What inspired you to return to India after the Boston University MBA?

I had already formulated Experts’ Global even before I started my MBA. So, coming back to India was always the plan. I used my time at the school to learn from the program but I never built my resume or even joined my cohort in looking for jobs or internships; I used the beyond class hours to grow my firm. I wanted to have built a rock-solid foundation for the firm, even before my return to India. God has been kind, the plan worked out well practice questions.

 But wasn’t there a temptation to stay back and get the due ROI on a US MBA?

I would say that Boston University was very kind to offer me a 100% scholarship. Besides, Experts’ Global was already running and profitable by then; so I graduated debt-free and built my savings to give the necessary push to Experts’ Global upon my return to India. Honestly speaking, I was more impelled by the goal of growing my venture than securing the paycheck and I was also getting good results with Experts’ Global.

 What was your inspiration behind starting Experts’ Global?

In simple words, I wanted to solve a problem, a problem that I had identified when I was preparing for my GMAT exam and MBA applications. So, what happened was that I realized a clear lack of correct guidance for students who wants to take the GMAT and apply for an MBA; I duly understood the importance of a good MBA admissions consultant. I completed the entire process successfully and quite enjoyed it and felt that I could guide the students; I realized that students could be helped with a structured GMAT preparation program. Besides, a significant part of my work experience was with training, so the dots were connected.

 Why EdTech?

I would say a fusion of skills and interests. An undergrad education in engineering had given me a solid grounding in technology and, as I said, my work experience in training, combined with analytical flair gave me the necessary academic bent. I have always held education as the greatest source of growth and excellence. Further, the idea of enterprising and building, growing an organization had long excited me. Moreover, in the years I conceptualized Experts’ Global, EdTech was at a nascent stage, it was not even an acknowledged term as such; however, I could sense the potential in imparting education through deploying technology.

 Tell us a bit about the success achieved by Experts’ Global since its inception.

We started in 2008 as a one-person company. But, over the years, we built a strong team of dedicated and highly motivated individuals who share my passion for mentoring. Today, we have achieved a strong identity and thousands of students from India and thousands from more than 40 countries use our GMAT programs every year. We even help students from more than 10 countries with our admission consulting services, every year. Since 2014, every 10th Indian in the US Top 50 B-schools has been our admission consulting student practice questions.

 How is the GMAT online preparation course by Experts’ Global different from other EdTech companies?

Factually, this GMAT online preparation program is the most complete, most holistic program available; and it is also available at the lowest fee. The entire GMAT prep program module has 100+ concept videos, 4000+ practice questions, 15 full-length practice tests, 200+ short videos for revising important concepts, some great software features, and exhaustive analytics. We have even employed artificially intelligent software that analyzes a student’s performance to suggest one’s key weaknesses and makes recommendations for overcoming them.

 That’s interesting. Why have you priced such a powerful tool so low?

I wanted to ensure that all students can avail themselves of the benefit of using this tool. I wish to take this tool to all students worldwide and establish it as the undisputed default option for GMAT prep. I would prefer that all GMAT students can use this tool at a low price rather than having a small fraction of test-takers use the software at a high price. With such a scale, the low price would only be fair.

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