Is Lhasa Apso Dog The Breed For You

Lhasa Apso Dog

Is Lhasa Apso Dog The Breed For You? When it comes to dog training, pet obedience, and a pup that looks like it stepped off of a magazine cover, show dogs and competitions may just be your calling. If you enjoy grooming and cuddling your pup, showing him how to perform tricks, tasks, and poses (yes there is such a thing believe it or not), you need a dog breed that is going to live up to the task. 

Lhasa Apso Dog

Thankfully, dogs have been bred and cared for in such a way that they were at one stage idolized and worshipped and were an avid sign of wealth and prosperity. These days, our dogs are more than just a pet but rather an avid and active member of the family, albeit they are covered in fur from head to toe. 

The dog for you. 

You have always enjoyed watching dog talent competitions and shows and how the dogs and their owners come on the TV parading and strutting their stuff along the stage like they were born for the limelight, and in a sense they are. 

The ease with which they glide over the floor seems as if they’re floating, some breeds more than others due to their luscious locks skimming the floor with each little footstep, but what they all have in common is that they look immaculate. 

Yes, we have seen countless breeds of these dogs in parks and at the vet’s but there is something different about the ones we see on TV. They are polished, have manners, and do what they are told without giving it a second thought, it is spectacular to watch. 

This is what you want to achieve, to try your hand at, and ideally win a rosette of some sort, so which dog is the best? Well, it all comes down to preference, personality type, and because some are more demanding than others, they will require more commitment and effort on your part. If you tick all of these boxes then essentially you have a pick of the litter.

One breed in particular that has proven popular and highly successful at being a show dog is the Lhasa Aspo. Its mane of hair could easily be passed off as salon-quality. They are quite stubborn, making them trickier to train, but with patience and attention, they will quickly adapt and it is all downhill from there. Having a snack or treat on hand with lots of praise while training will help make the process that much smoother. 

And speaking of snacks, because they are groomed to be ‘shown off’, proper diet and nutrition are key, and if you need assistance and are not sure where not begin, the Holistapet range of organic and all-natural dog food products could be just the answer to set you off on your dog grooming journey. 

You want products that offer a more organic approach to health and going back to nature is a great way to implement this. If you do your homework of checking those ingredients that are grown chemically free will be to your pet’s advantage. 

Lhasa Apso Dog

 A healthy alternative.

We could never have guessed that the herbs, plants, and flowers used centuries ago to treat ailments and internal issues would be a vital part of our lives today. People tend to dismiss the notion that herbs can cure you, but many religions, tribes, and cultures use the plants and their components in recipes and rituals that would drive out evil spirits. 

In modern times, however, the plant that has given users a new lease on life is the Hemp plant (read about it here and the extraction of its CBD oil compound. If you want to offer your dog a vitamin and mineral enriched ingredient without the harsh chemicals and pesticides used to grow to produce, then a few drops of the oil in their daily meals is all you need. 

Not only does it help with healthier coats and fur making them thicker and shinier, but it tackles and targets inflamed or problem areas in the joints and muscles. With the pain from the inflammation eliminated, it gives a significant improvement to your pup’s flexibility, perfect for performing the tricks and jumps at the shows.

CBD is highly versatile and if your dog enjoys a snack or biscuit treat while out and about or during training, you could infuse the dough with Cannabidiol too, and have them on hand to ensure obedience. 

Raising a Lhasa Apso.

Is it as simple as feeding, walking, and providing a bed for a dog that’s considered raising a pet, or is there more to it? The responsibility of owning an animal is far beyond what it used to be, and even more so if they are a pedigree or rare breed type.

See this link for a more in-depth version of the steps of dog care but the basics are quite straightforward. Join a puppy training class to lay the foundation, be sure to reward good behavior when at home, and try not to pay too much attention to the negatives as they could still see it as attention. 

Build their confidence, just like us when they are relaxed they will not only perform better but will ‘hear’ what you’re trying to say and teach. If you have to travel to the park or eventually show venues get them used to the travel crate in the car, the main objective is to be patient and have fun.


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