Is Malta Expensive? The Price Guide To Malta


The idea of a vacation in Malta was not something that people were interested in. The ideal location in the southern Mediterranean means that there is almost always sunshine and good weather. For a long time, traditional holidaymakers were happy to pay a lot to enjoy the island’s atmosphere, without having to give up any of their home comforts. It used to be difficult to visit Malta with a tight budget. Many people are now asking the question: How expensive is Malta?

Malta is evolving and is more appealing to independent travelers. It can be hard to determine how costly a trip to Malta is, as most budget information about this island nation is focused on all-inclusive holidays and not backpackers and budget travelers.

Malta Accommodation Prices

The cost of lodging is a key factor in planning a trip to Malta. This can often be the biggest expense in your travel budget.

Although searching the internet for an all-inclusive resort was the norm for visitors to Malta, there are many options for those who want to travel on their own and with a limited budget.

There are plenty of budget options for adventurous travelers who want to explore the world on their own and not be restricted by the confines of a resort.

The more luxurious the hotel is, the more you will be able to expect to spend. Although hotels are the most expensive option, it is possible to find a comfortable and affordable room in a hotel.

An economy hotel in Malta is a good option if you are looking to save money. These hotels are usually located close to the city center and offer basic but comfortable accommodation. Visit for the best deals.

Transport Prices In Malta

Transport is another major cost when traveling to Malta alone. It is small and easy to travel around Malta, which is a blessing for budget travelers. The bus network can take you almost anywhere on both the islands of Malta and Gozo.

However, if you don’t like the bus, or prefer not to be at the mercy of unpredicted timetables, renting a car in Malta might be an option.

This will be more costly than using the bus. However, a car rental can be affordable.

Food Prices In Malta

After we have covered the cost of transport and accommodation for your Malta trip, let’s now discuss the most important part of any Malta trip expense: food. Is Malta expensive for food or drink?

Maltese cuisine combines influences from Sicilia’s neighbors to its north with Tunisia and Morocco to the south. It is a delicious and complex dish that is well worth trying while you are visiting this beautiful Mediterranean country.

It’s also a great place to eat out, and it’s not expensive to do so even if you are on a tight budget.

A local bakery can provide a quick snack or breakfast for as little as one euro. It can be a good idea to prepare your meals if you’re staying in a hostel that has self-catering options.

We were surprised by the small price difference between a middle-range and higher-end restaurant in Malta. This was something we discovered on our trip to Malta.

Is Malta too expensive? It doesn’t have to be. It is not the most expensive country in Europe but it is easily accessible for those with smaller budgets. You don’t have to sacrifice your savings to enjoy the archipelago at its full potential.


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