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The Tender Bar is an American family drama film directed by George Clooney and screenplay by William Monahan. The Tender Bar is scripted on the basis of a 2005 memoir of the same name by J. R. Moehringer and recounts its author’s life growing up on Long Island in New York during the 1970s and 1980s. The book was originally published in 2005.  This George Clooney-directed movie follows a story of a young boy who is an aspiring writer and his journey while he pursues his romantic and professional dreams. And how his life evolves from the stool of his uncle’s bar where he’s surrounded by colorful and interesting characters and realizing what it’s meant to be grown up. The movie starring young actor Tye Sheridan playing J. R. Moehringer at different stages in his life as he forges strong bonds with various figures including his uncle Charlie (Ben Affleck).


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Details of Movie The Tender Bar:

Genre Drama
Based on 2005 Memoir, The Tender Bar
Produced by George Clooney

Grant Heslov

Ted Hope

Starring Ben Affleck

Tye Sheridan

Lily Rabe

Christopher Lloyd

Daniel Ranieri

Original language English
Release date Dec 17th, 2021
Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos

 The Tender Bar Ratings:


IMDb Rating 6.7/10
Times of India Rating 3.7/5
Rotten Tomatoes 52%


The Tender Bar- Summary and Review: 

The movie starts with an introduction to the background on Manhasset as well as the demographics, history, and other information about the town in 1972, when a boy named J.R. Maguire who was 9 years old moved into his grandfather’s broken-down house in Long Island, NY.  Also, we learn about the family history of Maguire, along with more information about what his parents were like and how his mother and he escaped from his abusive father to live with his grandparents.


While returning back to long Island, Dorthy (mother of J.R) was embarrassed that she has to get back to her childhood home with her parents, on the other hand, J.R was excited and grateful to be back in the company of people around him.

Maguire describes his father as “The Voice” because his only early expression on his childhood was by listening to his father’s voice over radio shows. He narrates his deep disappointment in his father for his ignorance and how a little J.R. Maguire looked up to other men in his life in the search for a father figure.

At his grandparents’ house, J.R meets his uncle Charlie who is a bar owner and has a charismatic personality. Charlie took J.R. under his supervision and begins to bond with him by conveying him some male science expertise and morals and becoming the father figure that any child would be lucky to have.

As J.R. was growing up he developed a passion for reading and writing while sailing through his life at suburb grade school, Charlie’s welcoming bar called The Dickens. J.R.’s mother wants him to get graduated from Yales or Harvard University and on which he, later on, wins a scholarship at Yales University, where he tries to work hard on campus, makes good friends with his roommates, Wesley and Jimmy, and also falls in love with a girl named Sidney.

After a while, J.R visit’s Sidney’s home in Connecticut for Christmas only to find out that she has dumped him and is seeing someone else. He tries to win her back, however, it was always a disappointment for him. J.R never left behind long Island, relying upon his uncle Charlie’s guidance and advice, and his mother’s devotion even after getting graduated and seeking a job at New York Times.

The movie tries to depict that in your journey of life, there are not certain points, and once you understand this, nobody can stop you from being the writer of your own story.

Final Verdict :

The movie tries to convey the emotion that to celebrating life for the simplest of joys; that is, family members and friends. This could help us to learn that there are times when we must seek out what is closest to us. And searching for love is not always the best solution as to how J.R. realizes that himself in the movie.

“Do It Again”, the 1973 hit single by Steely Dan which plays at the end of the movie, is perhaps the best way to capture the essence of the film. Even it’s an underwhelming and seemingly ordinary script if you would love to see George Clooney directing skills and watch Ben Affleck at his best acting performance then surely go for it.

While George Clooney is known for his attractiveness and charismatic presence on the screen, we can say that his directing skills are not so attractive and interesting. The movie does have some good comedy scenes that might chuckle you up and I think they could have used a few more cuts like that.

In short, The Tender Bar is not unbearable but a nice average movie that you can watch once in a while. The starring actors have showcased their performance very well Tye Sheridan as an adult J.R. has justified his character beautifully and Ben Affleck has excellently brought life in the Character of uncle Charlie with his best performance.

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