Kind of Glasses You Need To Wear That Should Complement With Your Eyebrows


While shopping for a suitable frame, you might be wondering if you should buy frames that cover your eyebrows.  Your eyebrows are the most expressive part of your face and whether your glasses should conceal them or not depends on the kind of frame you select. Therefore, find the right glasses that complement your eyebrows.

Buying best eyewear

However, with this nagging uncertainty about whether should glasses cover your eyebrows, you need to select a frame type to understand the fit of your glasses that affects the frame’s position on your face. For this, visit Banton Frameworks, the spectacle makers where you will get spectacles that are not imported but come straight from the hands of people who made them in Glasgow.

They use only the best materials and processes which they have learned over the past 7 years. That is why they use the best acetate from the best suppliers in Europe. Acetate is an organic polymer made from cellulose and this is why it looks and feels great on your skin for many years to come. You will get endless colours and patterns to choose from.

When you shop with Banton frameworks, you do not overpay for a brand name or a logo. You invest in the highest quality components and local craftsmanship. They use, uncompromising techniques to create invested eyewear that is built to last.

Choose the frame to match your eyebrow shape

The size, fit and style of your eyeglasses determine how they appear on your face. Preferably, the top part of the frame needs to trace your brow line. Large and thick spectacles can often cover them slightly. If your eyebrows are below the top of your glasses, the frame may be too large for you.

Full-rimmed glasses made from acetate are usually the thickest near your eyebrows. This heavy aesthetic draws attention to your eyes which is the main focus of human interaction.

  • Large combination eyeglasses are likely to cover your eyebrows as it is a part of their look.
  • Finer combination frames might sit slightly lower than eyebrows.
  • Both chunky and thin frame glasses can suit thick eyebrows

How should your glasses fit with your eyebrows?

  • Your frames should flow with the shape of your eyebrows: Eyebrows should be parallel at the top of the frames. Square frames may not be a good idea if you have thin and curved eyebrows.
  • Your frame shape needs to be opposite of your eyebrow thickness: If you have defined and thick eyebrows, then thick frames will look too big on your face. The same applies if you have thin eyebrows.

Why do glasses go over your eyebrows?

Your glasses might go over your eyebrows due to their thickness and the way they fit on your face. The thickness of your glasses can also mean they will cover your brow line.

This is fine as long as your spectacles are comfortable and fit you properly. Most spectacles will be over your eyebrows, except they lay quite down on your face.

Choose the frames that complement and are opposite the thickness of your eyebrows. Make sure your frame goes with both your face and eyebrow shape.

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