List Of Questions To Ask Before Hiring Home Builders

home builders in Adelaide

home builders in Adelaide

The cost of building a house can frighten us, so many would-be-homeowners buy an existing house. Although building a house comes with a lot of headaches in the end it’s all worth it. The right builder will help your vision come into reality. They will provide you with transparency throughout the construction process. Weeks Building Group delivers you home with the level of finish that you deserve home builders in Adelaide. 

The process of redecorating your home can be a little overwhelming, but with Weeks Building Group you don’t have to lose your peace of mind. Efficient home builders are responsible to make that dream into reality. If you are looking for the best new home builders in Adelaide, Weeks Building Group is a perfect choice for you. No matter where in the world it’s tucked away, or what it looks like your home is your little kingdom, hiring the right home builder is extremely essential, and to find the perfect home builder, you also need to ask the right questions.

Here is the list of questions to ask before hiring home builders:

  • Work and Experience

You need to know how many years the builder has been in the business and if he is comfortable enough to show some of his work. A clear pathway of transparency is required before trusting a homebuilder.

  • References

An efficient home builder will not shy away from providing a solid list of references. It is better if you ask for their latest clients as they would be their most recent work and you can also verify and compare how they have updated themselves with time. 

  • List of Subcontractors

It is also preferable to know about all the subcontractors that the builder will be working with and to also be aware of their prices and how often they deal with the same contractors.  This will give you a clear picture of how swiftly the construction process will carry on.

  • Authenticity

It is preferable to examine the home builder before hiring them by the level of authenticity they bring to the design.  Each house is built differently and the best way to design a house is to prioritize its uniqueness so asking them to show proof of their authenticity is a wise thing to do. 

  • Overall Price and benefits

Most home builders maintain the package system of cost so it is better if you ask them what features are included in your package to get a better estimation of the cost. The features that you should look for in your package are electrical, plumbing, flooring, cabinets, countertops, and HVAC. 

  • Warranty

A reputed home builder will always provide you with a warrant, they would know that they have used the right materials and what is the possible outcome of the service provided. This can give you mental peace and you can relax.


Building a home is a critical process and requires a lot of diligence and patience but if you can somehow overcome this stage,  you will have your dream house waiting for you.

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