Logistics Apps Development: Types of Applications and Their Benefits

The transport and logistics sector is one of the most progressive in terms of the development of IT technologies, along with the banking, fintech, and e-commerce sectors. The peculiarities of the functioning of transport and logistics enterprises give rise to the need to look for ways to organize the most effective and well-coordinated work of a single system but distributed over the territory and time. For this, logistics app development suits perfectly.

Logistics Apps Development

We decided to look through the main benefits logistics apps bring to the business. Yet, it is better to start with the definition of different types of logistics apps. To do this, we have consulted logistics app development company RexSoft that provides all kinds of software development services including logistics apps development.

  • Main Types of Logistics Applications You Can Use in Your Business

In the field of logistics, applications for cargo transportation can be conditionally divided into several types:

1. Document-oriented applications. Such applications help to simplify as much as possible the work with documents for logistics and transport services involved in cargo transportation. If the documents are organized, it helps to navigate easier in the affairs of the company and to speed up the implementation of the necessary processes.

2. Dispatcher applications. In cargo transportation, such applications allow you to control delivery and track the movement of vehicles in real-time mode. Just a click is enough for the driver to inform about the fulfillment of a particular order or receive information about changes in real-time. Such applications significantly improve the interaction between drivers and dispatchers, and this has a positive effect on the quality of cargo transportation.

3. Driver control apps. In this case, the main emphasis is on calculating the distance traveled by transport (this means that the fuel consumed can be calculated). One of the functions of such applications is the ability to calculate costs and keep a record of how much money will be received from customers in the course of orders. It is an excellent solution for the break-even and safe operation of the company!

4. Route finder apps. Such applications for freight carriers are especially interesting, since not only the shortest and cheapest route is taken into account, but also the optimal delivery time or route can be calculated taking into account traffic jams and accidents that can impede travel. With these kinds of tracking apps, you can easily find the cheapest route. Thanks to such software, you can significantly save money or benefit from the speed of delivery compared to competitors.

5. Cargo broker applications. The functionality of such applications for cargo transportation includes the search for options for reloading or loading vehicles, transferring goods between carriers, or assistance for optimal paperwork.
6. Warehouse applications. Such applications for cargo transportation are aimed at simplifying the interaction between carriers and the warehouse, are used for accounting and searching for goods. Using such applications will simplify the loading and unloading process.


Of course, that’s not an ultimate list as each business has its own peculiarities and needs something special for efficient work. Besides, you should also consider several types of apps you can choose from when, for example, applying for RexSoft services.


You should give yourself answers to the following questions to get the perfect match.


  • Whether you need a desktop app, a mobile one, or just an integration of both these options?
  • Will you be content with an on-shelf product or do you need custom development for your goals?
  • Is it suitable to get fully tested (and no need to say, fully workable product), or your goals could be performed by MVP?
  • What audience will use your product? Will it be your staff? Or is it intended for your clientele too?


After answering that question, you can easily apply for your logistics app development to any IT company. Yet, we can say that IT outstaffing company RexSoft will be the best choice.

  • What Benefits Can You Get From Logistics Applications?
  • Keeping up with the times.
  • Analytics is always at your hand.
  • All information is gathered through the application.
  • Easy-to-manage model, you can use.
  • Multi-leveled access to the company’s information.
  • Full control of all the processes you need.
  • Integration with other software products you use.
  • Providing the best services for your customers.


In case you get a really great application, you can increase the income of your logistics company several times with it.

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