Look Fab Post Pregnancy with a Mommy Makeover


A woman’s body changes during pregnancy, and everything doesn’t just go back to normal right after giving birth. It’s not surprising that some women, even three years after giving birth, feel a little self-conscious about their bodies, and this is according to a study. The good thing is that the changes you go through aren’t permanent if you don’t want them to be. You can look fabulous with a mommy makeover if that’s what you desire.

What is a Mommy Makover?

You’ve probably heard someone talk about getting a mommy makeover after pregnancy. Maybe you’ve heard it on the news or heard one of your friends mention it. You know that it has to do with your body going through some kind of procedure to get the body you had before you gave birth. Still, you may not know what it involves. A mommy makeover procedure is an attempt to turn the body back to its pre-birth appearance. It uses various plastic surgery procedures to restore the mother’s body, restoring her self confidence along the way.

Most of the time, the procedures include the following:

  • A breast lift or breast reduction
  • A tummy tuck
  • Liposuction of the thighs and tummy
  • Scar revision

Part of the reason this type of makeover is so popular among women is because the results are immediate. Yes, you have to recover before you can return to life as you know it, but the recovery doesn’t take too long.

Why Would You Need a Mommy Makeover?

There are things you can do besides a mommy makeover. You can join a gym or work with a personal trainer to try to do this naturally. The problem with this option is that you’ll have to be away from your child, and you just gave birth. That’s not something parents want to do after birth.

Hiring a trainer is also quite costly, and if that isn’t enough, it’s going to take a long time to see results. New mommies may not have a lot of extra time. They want to spend time with their kids, meaning rigorous exercise routines are not desired at this time. That’s just one thing you can do though. There are other things you could do to restore your body, like working with a dietitian. These folks know what you need to eat to repair your skin if you have stretch marks and what you need to eat if you need to lose some weight.

Eating healthy isn’t a bad thing. In fact, for a mom, it’s a great thing since it’s likely to boost your mood and overall energy levels. Taking care of a baby drains your energy and can get a little frustrating. The problem with dieting to recover your body is that it’s going to take a long time. You’ll have to deal with self-esteem issues for a long time before you see any changes. A mommy makeover procedure is simply the fastest option for mommies who want to feel like themselves.

The following are some reasons women consider a mommy makeover:

  • Obvious stretch marks
  • Scars from a c section
  • Flabby breasts
  • Larger breasts
  • Stomach rolls
  • Flabby thighs
  • Stubborn fat deposits on the body

Benefits of Getting a Mommy Makeover

Mommies have to do some work before choosing a plastic surgeon. They have to do some research, look for reputable surgeons near their homes, and look through countless reviews. Keep in mind that no plastic surgeon is going to have 100 percent good reviews. No one can please everyone, but you should see an overwhelming number of positive reviews versus negative ones. Be sure to look at past work. Most plastic surgeons are willing to show you their portfolios. Ask to see their mommy makeovers rather than other plastic surgery work so that you have an idea of what they can do for you.

It may also be a good idea to confirm who’s going to work with you. Some plastic surgeon establishments pass jobs to less experienced surgeons, and that’s something you should be aware of. Yes, doing all this seems like a lot, but the following benefits make your efforts worthwhile:

Self Confidence

Going through this procedure should boost your self confidence. It’ll happen almost immediately, which is great. A lot of women, especially after pregnancy, suffer from mild to moderate depression. This could get worse if you’re also dealing with self-esteem issues.

Mood Improvement

Rediscovering the person you were before the pregnancy may help improve your mood. On top of that, improving your mood can help you be a more patient mother, and that’s vital when your kids are young.

Clothing Fits Again

Mommies who go through dramatic changes after birth sometimes have trouble fitting their clothes or finding clothes that fit right. When you go through a mommy makeover, you’ll find that your clothes will fit as they should again. You’ll be able to enjoy shopping once more, which is good.

Libido Boost

When you don’t feel like yourself, it’s hard to get in the mood. Having a healthy sex life is a good thing. It helps fight depression, balance hormones, and even helps you stay young. You lose this benefit if you don’t have sex often. When a woman doesn’t feel like herself, that could happen. The mommy makeover procedure could restore the confidence you need to repair your sex life.


As a mom, you don’t have time to wait for results. Mommy makeovers are immediate, and that’s one big perk. You can go back to your life, baby, and job after feeling like yourself. Alternatives to mommy makeovers take time and require a big commitment.

Now, you know some of the benefits of getting a mommy makeover, but these are just some. You can talk to a plastic surgeon if you have questions about this procedure and to find out if it’s a good idea for you.

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