Maintaining and Extending the Lifespan of Your Roof

maintaining roof

A home’s roof is its first line of protection against spring storms, winter snow, and summer heat. Unfortunately, though, most homeowners only pay attention to their roofs when they notice serious problems such as missing shingles, leaks, or storm damage. That lack of maintenance can lead to premature roof failures that cost homeowners thousands of dollars.

The Best Solution

The best solution for homeowners who don’t want to deal with premature roofing system failures is to find roofing services that can provide annual inspections and regular roof maintenance. Professionals know what to look for during inspections and will pay attention to seemingly minor details like missing nails that could turn into far more serious problems with water infiltration, mold, and roof deck damage. There are also some steps that homeowners can take for themselves between inspections, the most important of which are described below.

Clean the Gutters

Rain gutters don’t just protect the siding and foundation by routing moisture away from the home. They can also help to protect the roof or, more accurately, keeping them clean can help with that essential task.

The problem with unmaintained gutters is that the leaves, twigs, dirt, and even asphalt shingle granules can pile up in them, preventing the water from flowing to the downspouts so that it can be routed away. As the debris builds up, it creates blockages. Those blockages can, in turn, create problems with standing water that can back up onto the roof and increase the chances that leaks will form.

Keep Trees Trimmed

Having trees planted around the home to provide shade in the summer and protection from freezing winter winds can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. Homeowners who don’t take care of nearby trees with branches that hang over the roof are leaving their properties open to rodent damage.

Mice, rats, squirrels, and other pests can use the branches to climb onto the roof, where they’ll start gnawing away at the shingles trying to gain entry into the home. Even if they don’t succeed, it can cause serious roof damage. The best solution is to hire a professional to trim back any nearby branches so that they’re at least 10 feet away from the home.

Prevent the Formation of Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when the snow on a roof melts, then builds back up as ice. Once ice dams are formed, they can’t easily be removed without damaging the roof, so the solution is to prevent them from happening, to begin with. Using a roof rake to dislodge snow after serious storms is a good stop-gap measure, but homeowners also need to make sure they have adequate insulation in their attics to prevent uneven heating of the roof, which contributes to snowmelt and ice dams.

Remove Moss and Algae

Some homeowners assume that because it’s common to see moss and algae growing on asphalt roofs, that must mean it’s fine to leave it there. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. Moss and algae hold water, which speeds up the degradation of shingles.

The Importance of Working With Professional Roofers

Whether homeowners need roof maintenance, repairs, or replacements, finding the right roofing company is essential. Only work with professional roofers who use high-quality products and know how to ensure their longevity. It’s arguably the most important part of maintaining and extending the lifespan of the roof.

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