MEN’S GROOMING- TIPS AND ESSENTIALSWe all know how women are known to take a long time to get ready and have multiple beauty baths and take care of their skin more than men, which is also partially why they are known to be feminine and have soft skin and good smelling hair. It is fair to say, most of us have a misconception of men not having much of a need to be conscious about their wellbeing and take initiatives to groom themselves. Grooming involves both physical and mental wellbeing, which adds up to the appearance of a person. It’s always pleasant and attractive to be at the beach or a cafe on a sunny day and notice a guy with glowing skin, a good scent, wearing attractive men’s sunglasses in Australia. This article would sum up all the important tips and things to consider for all those men out there trying to take the initiative to look and feel attractive.

Trimming the excessive nostril hair:

Whether you’ve chosen to be clean shaven or to grow a beard, maintain and grooming your facial hair is a grooming necessity. If you’ve chosen to be clean shaven, get a good razor and start shaving before your beard gets out of control. If you’ve chosen to grow a beard, there’s more grooming involved. Grooming a beard requires regular trimming, washing and moisturising. Beard hair can become hard and brittle over time which leaves the skin underneath dry, so make sure you use beard oils from Jericho to soften, strengthen and moisturise you beard. Additionally, if you notice any split ends, give it a small trim to remove them before using any products.

Trimming excessive eyebrow hair:

Filling and shaping eyebrows are optional but not a necessity. However, trimming them from spoiling their natural shape is quite the vital part here. Excessive eyebrow hair is a micro detail, but micro-details can make a considerable difference to a person’s appearance, and it is always nice to look neat, trimming off those excessive grey and black growing hairs.

Trimming excessive hair in the ear area:

Men do tend to grow hairs in their earholes, which could be quite noticeable if not cut off. Ear hair is a little strange to some but attractive to others. In Addition to affecting hearing slightly, it also makes their ears prone to catching more dust, as dust would naturally stick onto the growing hair, finding its way to keep growing like a weed if not cleaned and cut off.

Trimming nails :

Long nails, both in the hands and feet, are attractive if maintained and cleaned while exfoliating and moisturizing and filling now and then. However, log nails in the feet (especially) become the hub and red flag to attract a lot of ingrown skin and feet fungal infections, which could cause a lot of pain and further problems to an individual if not taken care of now and then, and this is why it’s best for men to trim their nails and keep them away and out of further problems.

Taking showers and smelling good: 

Men who have a shower routine are also prone to smell good throughout the day. Smelling good involves eliminating bad odour (derived from sweat) and using a shampoo that suits their hair, as well as a deodorant soap or a deodorant stick and a body spray that’ll keep them feeling and smelling fresh all day long. But the least talked about aspect here is to understand the difference between smelling good with the flow and trying to seek out to smell good without knowing and understanding how to. Men going about and using their wife’s body products and soap is not the way to go about smelling good because determining and finding a routine that one should find by themselves by checking out and trying different products and learning about the body and skincare is the right way to go about with this. Another way is by speaking to a few pals about what worked for them and for some good suggestions and healthy products to try, which could bring men closer to trying really good products based on good reviews in the market.

Protecting their skin and eyes from the UV rays:

Ultraviolet rays could be harmful to individuals with sensitive skin (even for those who don’t have sensitive skin). Especially in Australia, the rays can be quite sharp and cause a person to be more prone to skin cancer, which is why they should always step out of the car with sunscreen, as well as opt for men’s sunglasses in Australia, and wear a jelly or petroleum jelly with SPF to hydrate, as well as to keep their skin away from pigmentation and darkening.


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