Method to fix the Malwarebytes not running issue

malwarebytes won t open

Malwarebytes provides security services to the users. In Malwarebytes, users can make changes to the services and tools according to their needs. It provides a free security plan for your device. If you also need internet security then you can purchase the plan. To keep your system secured; it should be working. When your Malwarebytes shows issues while running, you must resolve the error. 

Undo the changes and restart Malwarebytes

When your Malwarebytes gets into error after making some changes on settings; undo them. Many times, the user changes the settings on the system incorrectly and the security program stops working. If you have made changes to update and security folders then revert them. After undoing the changes, your Malwarebytes will start working. You can also use the restoring tool. When you can’t undo the changes to default use the Windows restoring tool. It will revert the changes and the Malwarebytes error will be resolved. 

Repair Mawlarebytes register files

Your Malwarebytes won’t open if the registry files are not working. Without these files, your antivirus will not work. Go to Malwarebytes and inspect its registry files. If the files are not working then you have to repair them. These files can get repaired on your Windows registry editor. Open the registry editor and check for files related to its error. Copy all those files to create a backup before editing them. When you get the backup key, edit the files to fix the error. If the registry files get fixed, you can go to Malwarebytes and scan your computer.

Update your OS and Malwarebytes

For proper functioning, users must update the OS and antivirus setup. When it is not running, check for the update. If you see a new update; install it. Now check for OS updates. Open Windows update and security feature and select the update option. When the system has an internet connection, it will get updated and your program will start working.

Delete all junk files

When Malwarebytes shows an error, check for the junk. Your program can stop working if the junk is conflicting with its files. If Malwarebytes stops working, open the temporary files folder on the computer. Remove all the files and again try to run it. If your antivirus is still getting the same error code, you can check for the other junk. Your computer has junk on other drives also. Open the drives and then check for any available junk. For removing the junk files at once then use the Windows cleanout tool. Go to the command wizard and run cleanmgr. It will check for the files and show you the list. Select the items and hit on Ok. All those files will get removed and the system will become junk-free. Restart the computer and scan it with Malwarebytes.

Remove another security program

People often install Malwarebytes with another antivirus. You can use the antivirus without any error as it doesn’t show conflict issues. But your program can get issues when other program tools are conflicting with it. Open another program and check its tools. Disable those tools on Malwarebytes. For scanning, if you are using another program, disable the Malwarebytes scanning feature. In case, you want to use its features then uninstall another program. After uninstalling it, the conflict error will get resolved and it will start working.

Run system file checker tools

When the system files are not working, the antivirus will stop running. For repairing those files, users can run the sfc/scannow. It will inspect files on your computer. Open your command screen and type sfc/scannow. The command will take time to scan all system files. When any file is corrupted; the repair tool will fix it. After repairing, your antivirus-related error will also be resolved. Now, open Malwarebytes dashboard and hit on Scan. After scanning, all the threats will be removed.

Reinstall Malwarebytes antivirus

When Malwarebytes is not working due to missing files; you should remove them. Repairing the files is not simple. You can reinstall the setup anytime. Delete the error showing the setup and restart the computer. Now install the new program and it will work efficiently.

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