Mistakes often Made while Curling Your Hair and How to Fix Them Beautifully

Curling Hair

Curling hair plays a great role in styling your tresses however it isn’t easy as a child’s play. There are lots of small things to be considered for perfect hair curling. Otherwise, there are chances of making multiple mistakes that can result in hair looking absolutely messy.

The first and foremost thing that matters is to have an efficient, simple to function curling device. Many people buy inferior quality ones unknowingly and regret later. You can buy the best ones that help to instantly curl your hair in a few minutes to present your hairstyle looking trendy and gorgeous. The automatic hair curler of Foxie Curler simply works wonders. You can book your curlers by visiting their official website. You are sure to love your purchase of Foxie curler forever.

Now, about the mistakes to avoid and how to remedy them while curling your hair locks:

  • The often done mistake is not using any heat protectant before starting curling. The sprays are available in leading cosmetic shops to act as a shield to protect your tresses against any harm while using the heat tools. They will even retain the moisture and reduce frizz.
  • Setting the temperature of the heat tool very high. It is done mainly to finish curling fast however, the heat damages the tresses resulting in breaking them. It is better to set the temperature below 400 degrees.
  • Many choose the curling device that has a fixed temperature or remains too hot and thus needs to switch off frequently. Hence, it is best to choose the device that has adjustments to vary the temperature. It helps to set them at the temperature you would like to have while curling.
  • It is a common practice to let the curled hair just out of the wand fall on the shoulders and moves to curl the next locks. According to an expert hairstylist, the curled hair locks need to be cooled up before letting them down, thus keep them on your palm for a minute. Even pinning them up till all hair locks have been done helps to maintain the curliness long-lasting.
  • There are lots of different curling wands on market. All don’t promote the same effect as need to use according to your hair quality and the desired results. For example, to enjoy loose curls use one or two inches barrel size and for tighter curls, you can use .75 inches barrels. To gain a natural wave of tresses you can use tapered wands.
  • Newbie users of curling devices try to curl in the wrong direction. You should always curl away from the face instead of curling towards your face. Then it gives the natural and wavy look.
  • Don’t wait to use hairspray at the end as it won’t give long-lasting effects. It is best to use them in every step of hair curling. Especially, when the hair locks are too thin to hold the curliness for a long time.

It is easy to do hair curling by following the suggestions of acclaimed hairstylists and using the best curlers like Foxie Curler.

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