5 Most Famous Bike Trips in India

If you are thinking about where to travel on your bike during vacations or weekends; do not think too hard, just plan a destination with your trip partners and fly towards your desired destination. After all, you will get a chance to ride your bike for a long time in the bewitching regions all by yourself. These five bike trips in India are going to get you enchanted by their luring capability.


Leh Ladakh Bike trip

The trip to the mystical world of Leh Ladakh on a bike is a dream for many. You have to start your trip on your bike from Delhi and cover a distance of 956.2 kilometres. The bike trips through the challenging roads of Leh Ladakh is feasible from June to October. You can sense the magnetic pull of nature by the enticing and majestic mountain peaks, the night sky filled with glittering stars, the divine chanting of sutras from the Buddhist monasteries all merged in a single cup enhances you to travel more and more on your bike through every nook and corner of Leh Ladakh. Your eyes will go wide when you see Pangong Tso, Zanskar Valley, Namgyal Tsemo Gompha, Thiskey and Shey Monasteries. But before you go on a bike trip make sure you have booked resorts on your way.


Guwahati to Tawang Bike trip

Want to take up a challenging bike trip? Then Guwahati to Tawang bike trip is your land of fantasy. The rough roads and the gleeful mountains on your way towards Tawang from Guwahati are going to amaze your challenging spirit. You will have to start your journey from Nameri and then you have to ride towards Dirang and once you have crossed Dirang you will reach Tawang. You have to ride a distance of 510.6 kilometres. It is advisable to ride from March to October after that the mountain paths are covered by snow in the winters. The forests, waterfalls at every point and tricky mountain roads used by the generous and graceful locals are going to please you to your heart’s content.


Kolkata to Digha Road trip

The bike trip from Kolkata to Digha is a breezy one. The busy life of Kolkata will not provide you with the sea waves crashing on the shores, so, get on your bike and set out to absorb the appealing sea breeze at Digha. You have to cover a distance of 183.1 kilometres to dip in the sea waters of Digha. Make sure to begin your trip early in the morning. It is an all-year-round journey but summers and winters are the best periods to visit Digha. The gleaming waters of the sea will captivate you once you are standing on the sands on the beach. You will be travelling to Udaipur Beach, Shankarpur Beach, Talseri Beach, Chandpur Beach, Amarabati Park and the New Digha beach. The enjoyable bike ride with tea breaks in the middle is a part of your trip.


Bengaluru to Ooty Road trip

The richness on the roads and a ride on your bike from Bengaluru to Ooty is a different level journey. Covering a distance of 265.3 kilometres the natural wonders of the region are way too glorifying that you will come across. It is all year bike ride trip from Bengaluru to Ooty. Whereas the summers and winters are much more preferable times to set out on your bike towards Ooty. On your way you will be stopped by other attractions from Bengaluru to Ooty; like the beautiful Kanva Reservoir, the trekking spot of Ramadevara Betta, the enchanting open-air museum of Janapada Loka, the burial site of Tipu Sultan and his family members at Gumbaz, the sacred land of Goddess Chamundeswari at Chamunda Temple in Mysore and the region of exotic flora and fauna at Bandipur National Park. Thus, once you have reached the “Queen of Hills”; Ooty you will be drenched in its purity and the alluring natural resources.


Mumbai to Goa Road trip

If you are from Mumbai and you desire to set out on a trip with your bike to the beaches of Goa, you have to cover a distance of 587 kilometres for 11 hours 30 minutes on your bike. It is preferable to ride from March to September and the monsoons encourage bikers to ride in the cool atmosphere. On the way you will be crossing the most visited sites such as the Western Ghats, Panvel and the historical Karnala Fort glorifies your wish to get down at Panvel once, the alluring greenery-filled hills of Lonavala, another historical heritage: Satara ruled by the great Shivaji is sure to amaze you on your way, the sacred land of Mahalakshmi: Kolhapur will take your mind in a holy trance, the mysterious and history-based Belgaum’s forts and architecture is a site to stop and be at. Lastly, the sea breeze of Goa will welcome you in its open arms. The warm sunshine and the warm-hearted locals of Goa is going to melt you with their generous hospitality.

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