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If you are a fan of anime, then you should watch out for the series on OTT. This anime has a lot more potential than you thought it did. So, the second season has come as a pleasant surprise for web content watchers. Drawing inspiration from a Chinese novel, the plot was developed into a series about five years back. Today, it still seems to be on the top of the charts. This Chinese anime is surely going to give you a new lease of entertainment in the times to come. All anime aficionados loved the first season. So, it is quite evident that you might want to catch up on the second as well.

Funimation showcases similar content online. Now, you can watch your favourite series on mystream funimation downloader. Sometimes, internet connections are jittery. So, you must find some alternate arrangements to watch your favourite series offline. You can read this funimation offline viewing guide here. Even if you cannot complete the entire series in one go you can catch up on all the episodes later on.

Series name… The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2


Ratings: 7.4/10

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Directed by: Li Haoling

Produced by: Haoliners Animation League

Casts: Voices of Sun Lulu, Qian Chen, Yin Long, Zhao Shuang, Jin Xiang, Gu Jiangshan etc.


You will come across a cultivation genius in this series. Wang Ling is the protagonist in question here. The main character has seen increasing prowess in certain activities in the past two years. However, he does not have any control over his powers. The creative genius has achieved mastery over a domain, called clockwork. At sixteen comes the real rage when he is faced with numerous dilemmas and options. His fight starts at Senior High School. Tests start emerging one after the other. You will find Wang Ling being constantly faced with various choices. His ambition to lead a low-key life seems oblivious all the way. One day, he meets the soul of an amphibian and gets perplexed. However, he professes to be dead. You will find more such instances while the show is on. The true king always aims at downplaying his powers in front of the people. The mystream funimation downloader will help you to unearth the storyline.


All viewers must have already seen Wang Ling getting admission in to the magical school in season 1. He is seen to downplay his powers on a constant basis. However, he always tends to end up in a funny situation. Ling still manages to forge strong relationships. He also finds a lover in Sun Rong. You must have seen them together, in season 1. However, all hell broke loose when he wanted to save the world. Now, in the second season, you will see him facing more such negative forces. He still tries hard to hide his true powers. You might see him becoming the target of the gods and immortals here. The series has 12 episodes, which you can enjoy on Funimation. Get the mystream funimation downloader today, and enjoy the series.

Twists And Turns

Every anime fan is bound to enjoy this slice of life series. Comedy and fantasy tales attract an audience of all age groups, and that is what this series has set out to do. You will learn about the near-immortal kind, which gains new powers after each year of his life. You can watch the series on Funimation. If you have missed out on the first season, you can catch up on that as well. You will not find too many twists and turns in the storyline.

Wang Ling achieves what he has set out to achieve. He wants to suppress his powers, while others who feel threatened by him, seem to look for ways to capture his powers. Thus, in the process of hiding his true powers, he faces several awkward situations. He faces more dangerous villains in the second season. His most difficult challenge here is attending Senior High School. Van Lin enters the scene as an understudy. The future seems different with this entry. After knowing about the plot and storyline of this Chinese anime, you may want to know how to download episodes on funimation.

Final Verdict

After going through the storyline, it seems to be one of the biggest fantasy anime series. You can get the funimation offline viewing experience now. You will find the series starting out in an interesting manner. The premise is good and builds on the lead character’s strengths. However, as the series progresses, it tends to get a bit repetitive. The first three to four episodes are too interesting. Some of the viewers have found certain similarities in the storyline with a Japanese anime series.

The show seems to have started out with the intention to be hailed as a comedy but turns into an epic drama. The animation is extremely good, and you will be fascinated with the entire characterization. It is an entertaining and popular watch for all anime lovers. If you cannot understand Mandarin Chinese, you can find subtitles on Funimation. So, it’s easy to identify the storyline.

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You should know how to download episodes on funimation and watch your favourite anime series. There are times when you will not get access to internet. So, you can use the downloader to download the best of the series. Learn how to download the series today.

Step1 – Choose ‘Funimation’ from ‘VIP Services’.


Step 2 – You have to locate the video that you want to download by browsing it with the title.


Step 3 – After you have searched and located the video, you can click on ‘Download Now’. You can download and transfer it to and from any device.



Now, you can catch up on all your favourite scenes offline. You do not have to worry about fluctuating internet connectivity. With the mystream funimation downloader you can now download the series and save it on any of your devices. Watch the series on the move, or while at work during break. All your possibilities start to open up here. You can enjoy the downloads at no extra cost. However, if you are looking for some additional features, you can go for a Funimation subscription. The subscriptions start from $5.99 per month. You can even stream it simultaneously on two devices. You can also go for the Premium Plus plan. There is a Premium Plus Ultra as well, for more features. Choose one that suits you.

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