Online Interactive Calculator A Powerful Marketing Booster

Online Interactive Calculator A Powerful Marketing Booster

Online Interactive Calculator A Powerful Marketing Booster

A simple form does not offer a website visitor concrete details or cost estimation. One thing it asks for is phone numbers or email addresses. It is an approach suitable for businesses where an instant quotation is impossible.

A price quote calculator is handy when prospects desire to shop and see instant pricing to determine on spot. An interactive calculator offers them full transparency. Besides, if your firm has limited staff and a single person handles the role of salesman, consultant and marketer then an online calculator will reduce the pressure.

Elements to consider in online calculator development

You can even develop web calculator including the combined option. Cals2Web experts can help in calculating costs as well as request customers’ email addresses to update them with free bonus offers or their order status.

Run experiments to find out……

  • Which design variant is best?
  • Which size brings better user engagement?

Many factors play a role in creating a suitable online interactive calculator with the right balance. Every customer is not prepared for bulk purchases, so remember the most favored. “When an order is placed, choose the most crucial business characteristics or less relevant ones which can be explained.”

If there are multiple elements and nothing can be ignored develop a step-by-step calculator. Arrange elements under different tabs and display them in stages as the calculator form is filled out. For example, a drop-down list will create a feeling that the calculator is not too big and allows you receive the completed form.

You need to ‘Cut off’ orders that come from users outside the target market. For example, if you cater to clients’ in your state then add a note about the specific region your calculator works. If you serve several states or countries then make a drop-down list adding certain cities to choose from.

For effective results, you need to put some effort and more attention to run special offers. You can offer discounts or bonuses if visitors use the interactive calculator and place an order.

Interactive calculators are remarkable lead generation tools. With it, you can accumulate prospects’ contact information and gain in-depth customer details like what is their budget, how much they spend on shopping or cars, etc. Such data analysis helps to remarket via the targeted campaign. Interactive calculators have untapped potential to attract high-quality leads, improve sales and increase ROI.

Types of interactive calculator

  • ROI calculators – A best promotional tool that indicates investing in your offering to reap exponential returns.
  • Insurance calculators – There are multiple types designed for health insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, home insurance, etc. These are incredible lead magnets. It means you can accumulate lead details, which can be employed to run target campaigns in the future.
  • Loan calculators – Loan calculators are designed for a variety of industries including construction quote calculators, auto loan calculators, etc.
  • Finance calculators – B2B or B2C businesses can use finance calculators designed for measuring tax, personal finance, savings, budget, etc.

Online interactive calculators offer a boost in capturing leads quickly and make sales easy for businesses.


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