Painting Robots: What Are They About?

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As the development of the world is at its peak, we notice that slowly the world is becoming dependent on robots or automated machines to do our daily jobs that are repetitive, tiring, or dangerous Automated Solutions Australia.

Industries have been using robots for a very long time to increase their competitive advantage and increase their production efficiency. Nowadays, we find that there are tailored robots for everything that we need. Painting robustly is one such robot; it has made the painting job bearable. 

Automated Solutions Australia offers a valuable automation service to the manufacturing sector; painting is one such service. Painting robots have now advanced and are given arms with six degrees of freedom to twist and turn anywhere needed. This has given them the advantage of reaching the places they thought would be too difficult to reach. So not only does the outside of the car get painted but also the inside of the car. 

Here are some of the benefits of Painting Robots

  • Applying paint evenly

This is the primary reason why so many manufacturers use painting robots, the paint is evenly spread, and there is no scope for imperfections or uneven distributions. Nowadays, the software is installed with different algorithms, cameras, and sensors. By recognizing such patterns, the accuracy can be increased. 

  • Save floor space

Now, you don’t have to book an entire room just to paint something; a sling arm can be installed in a wall or a space where there will be more floor space in your factory. Generally, industrial robots can fit into tiny spaces because of their slim designs to cater to their needs, saving huge floor space for the completion of production with similar efficiency. 

  • Access and paint more parts

Humans are prone to make mistakes, and sometimes it is not humanly possible to access all the parts and paint evenly. Still, the industrial painting robots are well versed in how to paint the edges of the product, saving a lot of time and manual labor to complete things. Paint finishing is the best with paint robots.

  • Protect human workers

There are a lot of paints that are hazardous to humans, and it is sometimes a very tedious job, and the job role involves lots of expectations from the employer. Introducing paint robots has helped humans a lot. The life risk and the expectations from the employers have been drastically reduced. Now, they have to manually make the robots do their job for better competition in the project. 

  • Customize automation

With robots, this is the best feature as they can be customized and trained to work in any sort of environment depending upon the manufacturer’s needs. For example, if the floor space is smaller, you can apply collision software which allows the robots to work in extremely close proximity. There are also other features that you may explore.


Now no more manual work and paying 6-7 laborers for their work. One automated machine can do it all. They can check and turn every nook and corner that needs to be painted. Paint finishing at its best.

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