Party wear jewellery: How to set yourself apart


If you like bling, party jewellery is the fashion accessory that you should be watching out for. The assorted party jewellery collection available today is appealing and desirable and you can get them in stone studded designs too. This particular collection is revamped with the usage of semi-precious stones and colourful gemstones as they help add a designer look to every jewellery piece. 

Celebration and parties are an essential part of civilisation. It is that time when you get to share your joy and enthusiasm with the folks in your life. These days, people always find reasons to host a party after an extensive week at work. Party wear dresses are still a vital wardrobe component and regardless of how expensive or pretty it is, it typically gets abandoned following one or two occasions. And here is where party wear jewellery comes to your rescue. You can boost any look and add some flavour to the most archaic dresses by mixing them with a pair of party wear fashion jewellery. Here are some jewellery types and styling ideas for various party needs. 

Farewell/fresher party

This is the most exciting happening in a student’s life. Though both occasions are part of college and school life, farewells are often a formal affair whilst a fresher’s party is mainly a fun-filled casual event. For a stylish farewell look, you should opt for fashionable yet subtle jewellery. You can pick a minimal necklace with a set of earrings or you can add a couple of statement earrings to the farewell ensembles. If you are seeking jewellery for your fresher’s party, you should settle on contemporary style earrings and rings for party wear to suit the western dress. For an ethnic appearance, you can opt for cute Jhumka earrings or an attractive pendant set.

Office party

Picking the ideal jewellery for your office party can often leave you in a confused state. It is that time when you get to show how stylish you can be after all the repetitive formals that you have been wearing to your office. You must look chic whilst maintaining professionalism. You can opt for stud earrings or stylish crystal and pearl necklaces for your formal office party. Similarly, you can sport anything that fits the place and your outfit, if you are attending an informal office party; like a fancy bracelet or a pair of elegant and bold dangler earrings. 

Wedding party

Weddings are not merely a commemoration of love but relations, traditions, and stylish fashion statements. From the guests to the bride, everybody is dressed in their finest attires with bold and large accessories. Conventional outfits and stunning jewellery for a wedding party are the most sought-after styles for a woman. While you accessorize for weddings, you must opt for a huge yet stylish neckpiece and complement it with latest earrings that suit your saree, dress, or lehenga. 

Bachelorette party

This is where the bridesmaids and brides-to-be get to spend some fun time prior to the actual wedding at an exotic holiday destination. It is often held at a club or a nice restaurant or a pool or just as an indoor party. But, it does entail a great deal of brainstorming for the finest bachelorette look and beautifying for the occasion. You can opt for fun yet light jewellery for your bachelorette parties such as a fun statement necklace or a stone pendant. Though it might completely depend upon the location and outfit, bachelorette parties are still informal events. 

Beach party

This is more than merely another random party event. Beaches are sun and fun and your outfit should reflect this philosophy. For your beach party look, you should go with a flowy and lightweight summer dress and decorate it with some bohemian-style jewellery. A seashell necklace or vibrant and coloured stone necklace makes the ideal jewellery for your beach party. 

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